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18 Unique Gift Ideas for Men

Sometimes it is tricky to find a gift for men. They tend to be interested in different things from women. Hence we created this guide to help the ladies to find an exceptional present that will be used and remembered by their men. The secret? It is not about the brand or how much money you spend on it. Instead, it is about the fascinating story and the uniqueness of the item that fascinates men. See our recommendations for unique gifts, and stories to tell when gifting.



One hand watch White one hand watch, made in Germany back of the watch
Inventor of one hand watch that created an icon recognizable by any watch enthusiast. Different and unique concept of tracking time. Made in Germany. $390

Frédérique Constant

Swiss Smart Watch Made in Switzerland
A completely unique Smart Watch. Analogue watch that tracks movement and does not need to be sharged for two years.
Made in Switzerland. $260 – $890


Finish Smartwatch app display
Smart watches for guys who like adventures and sports. It tracks achievements and health goals with amazing high tech. Our review. Made in Finland. $420



Scandinavian location of where knives are made
Bear Grills fan would love to own a traditional knife made by native people in Kareusando village located 250 miles within Arctic Circle.
Made in Sweden $150 – $490


Knife made in Italy by Maserin knife with antler handle Made in Italy picnic knife set
With over 50 years experience and Italian flair, these knives are not aimed to be scary. Exceptional quality and impressive design.
Made in Italy $65 – $535


Opinel classic knife from France French Opinel Knife No.6 Gift suggestion - Opinel pocket knife
One of the French classics recognised around the world. Same design since 1890 and still rocking pocket knife fans and casual users. Made in France $16 – $250


Bolin Webb Razor

Razor handle made in Britain Razor handle, made in Birmingham Razor handle made in England
These stylish razors painted using the same paint and colours used by the sports car manufacturers. Young and innovative brand.
Made in Britain $75 – $260


Made in Germany Boker Shaving set Boker made in Germany
A big maker of blade related products from Solingen area, place famous for its high quality blades for 8 centuries already.
Made in Germany $150 – $340

Thiers Issard

Straight razor from France Cut throat razor made in France
A company making “straight blades” since 1884. And yes they are still popular and even becoming trendy among hipsters these days. Made in France $130 – $280


Bragi, The Dash Pro

Phone and headphones Case German insert headphones
A start up which created magic. Earbuds that store music, fully waterproof, track your sports, adjusts to your environment and more.
Made in Germany $325


Quality German Gaming Headphones Made in Germany label Quality in-ear headphones
From country famous for its quality and engineering. High end range is also mostly made by hand. The sound is amazing too.
Made in Germany $165 – $900


French made headphones French high tech Made in France
Who could have thought? Luxury and stylish yes, but high tech? Following initial success they just designed new range of in-ear ones. Made in France $595


Böker Defence Pen

Deja-vu from “Bourne Ultimatum”. Pen that is designed to be as a defence weapon. Made in area famous for exceptional quality steel.
Made in Germany $35 – $100

Parafernalia Revolution

Pen Made in Italy Handmade ballpen from Italy Italian pen Gift box and a ballpen
Designed in 1978 to celebrate Beaubourg in Paris. Ball pen with striking design that is instantly recognised by any pen fan.
Handmade in Italy €55

Lamy 2000

German Made Pen Lamy 2000 Detail Unique Pen
Unopologetically different. Half hidden tip is design from 1966. Only takes bottle ink. And yet hugely praised by all pen buffs.
Made in Germany $175 – $299


Le Tanneur

Wallet as a gift Opened wallet French Made Wallet
Leather maker since 1898. One of the mainstream brands well recognised in Europe for its design and quality without a price tag.
Made in France $43 – $226

Il Bussetto

Wallet for men, Made in Italy Yellow leather card holder Italian large wallet for men
Master leathermakers in luxury shiny coloured, seamless and moulded leather. Contemporary yet tapping into centuries crafted techniques. Made in Italy $70 – $140


RFID safe walet protection against RFID theft Secure card wallet made in Holland
Specialised wallets to prevent RFID fraud. Wide range of colours and responsibly sourced materials. To suit small and large walleteers Made in Holland. $35 – $75

Image credits go to the respective companies listed above.

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