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A Guide to European Socks

Each European country has its ways of keeping warm in winter and keeping cool in summer. We truly believe that this long-standing knowledge can be easily acquired by buying socks from the specialist company. For example, Scottish wool socks are sure to surprise you on the different winter performance from the ordinary ones. So what about summer? What about the colours? Flexibility? Longevity? Discover it for yourself.

LogoStipe socks made in PortugalCotton socks made in Portugal


A classic and refined style that is attractive to many. It is a very well known British brand internationally with a good distribution network worldwide.


Although Barbour is seen as a British company, but just like any other large fashion brand they source their suppliers globally. Which can mean that you might buy something made next to your home. These socks for example are manufactured in…

Portugal, but many tourists in London buy them as British, at Barbour’s central London shop.

The company owns a lot of different brands and stores. Hence socks are only a very small part of their product range. You can find the following shops online: Motorcycling, Countrywear, Classic, Dogs and Footwear. All bearing the core values of Barbour style. Since they do not state where are these things made on their online store, the only way to know for sure – is to visit their store and check the label.


MADE IN: Portugal (will vary per product and range) ESTABLISHED IN: 1894 PRICE: €13.50 (for these specific socks)

German running socksColourful Triathlon SocksOutdoor socks made in Germany


A dedicated sports socks brand. They have put a lot of research and innovation to develop the socks that are medically approved to reduce muscle fatigue and to improve recovery times. You can normally see them exhibiting at sports’ fairs around the globe.


Anyone can apply to become their ambassadors. As long as you are willing to share your pictures and videos of exercising and achieving you can register on their website. If chosen they will send you new products on expand..

regular basis and might feature you on their social media or the website.

The idea behind compression socks is that compression profile increases the flow of blood, which in turn delivers more oxygen for better performance. At the same time, it carries away lactates from the muscles to assist a faster recovery. Another part of the science is heat and moisture management where thinner and suitable material, like merino wool, encourage faster drying times.
The company behind CEP, MEDI, is an established advanced medical establishment. They use their knowledge to design socks with specific fabric structure that stabilises muscles and joints. CEP has 5 ranges of socks specifically designed for running, triathlon, winter sports, golf, outdoor and biking.


MADE IN: Germany ESTABLISHED IN: around 1966 PRICE RANGE: €3.90 – € 17.60

Harvie & Hudson made in EnglandEnglish yellow cotton socksOrange socks by Harvie & Hudson

Harvie & Hudson

A long standing name in gentlemen’ fashion choices. They have number of stores in the UK but the most famous is based on the legendary paradise of British classic for gents – Jermnyn Street in central London.


In 1960’s the company started a colour revolution for very conservative British men fashion. They were seen as outrageous and rebellious on the Jermyn street by many, but buyers were delighted. At first they expand..

cleaned the shelves of colourful mens pyjamas, and thanks to that success bright pink, red, purple and yellow striped shirts just had to be successful too. To this date H&H stripes are quite popular but now it is considered to be “mainstream”.

They are more known for their suits and shirts but I believe socks should not be forgotten too. Their socks ranges can be divided into two categories: Merino wool or fine cotton. Which then leaves you with a choice to go for a classic black or to be a little more adventurous and go for colours with dots. Today Harvie and Hudson is the only company on Jermyn Street that is still owned by the founding family.


MADE IN: England, Sutton-in-Ashfield ESTABLISHED: 1949 PRICE RANGE: €9.00 – € 21.60

English Socks CompanyEnglish Wool socksEnglish Cotton socksEnglish Sock Pattern

Sock & Trotter

Lovely selection of socks in toned down and classic colours and patterns. This team mostly categorise their socks by type of wool or other materials used in each range. Then you can choose your colours, patterns and length.


It required a bit of a Sherlock Holmes mindset, but we found something interesting about their Scotland Sock. It is one of the most luxurious socks that they have but for us it shows how connected expand..

everything is. For us the sock is:
. Scottish – because it has Donegal type fleck.
. English – because it is made and sold by Sock & Trotter based in Oulton, near Stock on Trent.
. British – because they identify themselves as “made in the British Isles”. And, of course, it does include England.
. Italian – because the sock is made from Lana Wool, which is made in Italy.
. Australian – because Italians mostly use Australian wool for making their world-famous luxury Lana Wool

The company was started by two passionate design and fashion professionals who have already worked with numerous brands previously. Dean and Lisa use their experience to create these socks but also they have established strong distribution network worldwide. So look out for their socks in your local shop.


MADE IN: England ESTABLISHED: fairly recently PRICE RANGE: €19.00 – € 30.00

Logo of SockMineRunning Socks made in EnglandFunny English Running SockFunny English skiing sockEnglish made Welly Socks


It another great Fenix story, where the fourth generation is rediscovering the past and re-ignite the fires of the forgotten family business. Based in Nottinghamshire, where England’s textile industry was born and flourished at some point.


SockMine ‘elves’ (as they call themselves) created separate range os socks for skiing and snowboarding. It was news to me, but it appears that while enjoying these sports we rub and create friction in different expand..

parts of our feet. For skiing socks, they added extra padding around shin and ankles to provide cushioning, as well as support for achilles protection among many other features. Snowboarders’ requirements are met by placing extra cushioning on top of the feet as feel as reinforced padding in the heel and toe areas.

Originally the company was called Roy Lowe and Sons and now it is being restarted by a son of a third-generation as a SockMine. While proud of the heritage the team deployed the latest techniques, use CoolMax (for hot days) and Merino Wool (for cold days) yarns to create high-quality socks. Now they have different types of socks with suitable material and specially adjusted design to suit most of the sport ranges and types of activities.

The name comes from the idea that “socks for them is what coal is to a mine – they’re the knitted pearls of energy that power them to excellence”. Sock categories include: running, cycling, equestrian, motocross, skiing, snowboarding, hiking as well as suitable for wellies and workwear.


MADE IN: England, Sutton-in-Ashfield ESTABLISHED: fairly recently PRICE RANGE: €8.00 – € 16.60

Socks made in Portual


A Portuguese sock’s maker since 1966. Today they are most known from their well located high street shops in Spain and Portugal. You are most likely to spot them in touristic areas where people can actually touch the material and admire the colour range before buying.


They use the actual silver woven in cotton fabric in their Silver Active Diabetic Sock range. They explain that silver provides natural antibacterial qualities that last wash after wash. Interestingly it expand..

also stimulates circulation and regulates body temperature. Although there is a number of other unusual features to make them ideal for diabetic users, it is also perfect for anyone else too.

They have 26 shops that you can visit, or just buy from their website. I like that they invested in developing not just the usual the usual summer/winter or men/women ranges, but also the ones for ‘kids’, ‘sports’, ‘diabetic’ and ‘daily use’. Of course, it is not just functionality that matter to us, hence it is also easy to see their fascination in range of colours and materials available too.


MADE IN: Portugal ESTABLISHED IN: around 1966 PRICE RANGE: €3.90 – € 17.60