Apple AirPods Pro vs Bragi Dash Pro – Comparison

With Apple releasing new earpods I decided review them and compare Apple Airpods Pro vs Bragi Dash Pro. There is no secret that I have been using Bragi for over a year now and do appreciate the features it has. I also appreciate the fact that it is designed and made in Germany. At the same time, I am always keen to test new things and will upgrade for anything better without much hesitation.
It seems that the new Apple iPods Pro is still very scarce and not widely available in London. But after a month of checking availability on the Apple website, I finally managed to get my hands on a pair. But still, it was the only store in London at that time that stocked them.
It has been two weeks of very heavy use and here is my review on how Bragi Dash Pro compare against new Apple iPods Pro.

Charging Case

Bragi Dash Pro case is significantly larger but also feels more sturdy. It is made of a thick metal that leaves little worry about damage to the case or earbuds themselves. It has a mini USB connector to charge and can fully recharge earbuds three times. I can see battery remaining on Bragi app for the case, and blinking colour of earbuds themselves.

Apple AirPods Pro case is smaller and made out of plastic. It feels sturdy and is well made but maybe not as strong as a metal case. It has wireless as well as lighting connector to charge and can also fully recharge AirPods up to four or five times. I was impressed by how quickly it charges – up to 1 hour of playtime in after five minutes in the case. I can see the battery remaining on my phone every time I open the case. But that only works for iPhone users.


Apple and Bragi CasesDash Pro vs AirPods ProAirPods Pro and iPhone

Apple AirPods vs Bragi Earbuds

Bragi Earbuds are larger than Apple AirPods when placed side by side on the table. But both of them look quite snug and not sticking out when placed in my ears.

Bragi Earbuds have a larger control area where I can adjust volume, skip or quickly change into transparency mode. This flat surface is very useful and easy to access. Apple AirPods on another hand can also be controlled, by touching a surface or squeezing the stem itself too, but it did not feel as intuitive. Having said that, it was not a problem once I got used to it.
Bragi Earbuds, especially after one year of use, tend to run out of charge sooner and charge slightly slower than Apple AirPods.


Size ComparisonEarbuds from Apple and Bragi Comparison

Comparison Of Controls

Volume – Dash Pro can be controlled directly on the earpod while AirPod Pro can only be adjusted from your phone, apple watch or by giving commands to Siri.

Skipping Songs – Dash Pro allows to skip, play previous, select playlists, by tapping and swiping, as well as by nodding or shaking your head. AirPod Pro can skip, play the previous song by pressing stem once or twice.

Transparency and noise cancellation – both earpods can easily activate transparency mode, switch it off or to activate active noise cancellation.

Siri, Google Assistant – both earpods have active voice controls enabled. This gives allows addressing some of the control limitations in AirPod Pro (when I have internet). While Bragi Dash Pro also offers integrated Alexa voice controls.


Earbud Control ComparisonBragi Single EarbudAirPod Pro in EarBragi Dash Pro Review

Comparison of Sound Quality, Noise Cancellation and Transparency Mode

Sound quality – I have to be honest, I like the sound quality in both of them. They both very clear and I can’t tell any difference at all. Maybe, with a stretch, Bragi gives a slightly deeper bass.
Noise cancellation – again both of them are very good at active noise cancellation. But Bradi Dash Pro was a little more successful at blocking off tube and traffic sounds during my commutes.

Transparency mode – I personally, again, prefer Bragi Dash Pro as it was sharper and, in fact, gave me almost a superhuman hearing.

AirPods Pro, also have a decent model that I find definitely useful. Just it is not as much fun.


Noise Cancellation On The Tube

Apple AirPod Pro Missing Features

When comparing these impressive earpods I have to make clear that it is not like for like comparison in terms of features. Let me list main Dash Pro features I am missing when using AirPods Pro:

Ability to listen to music while swimming – Bragi Dash Pro is fully waterproof and I frequently listen to music when I go for a swim, especially during my triathlon training.

Fitness tracking – Dash Pro has a sport mode that allows tracking cycling, swimming and running. While it is not too advance for serious sports enthusiasts I found it useful when I did not want to take my phone with me for a run, or when tracking my swim training.

Internal storage – Dash Pro offers internal playlists I could listen while disconnected from the phone or the internet. This is a feature I miss the most in AriPods Pro somehow.



In summary, I truly enjoyed my project of reviewing and comparing Apple iPods Pro vs Bragi Dash Pro. It was great to compare and appreciate advantages and certain design and functionality decisions that Apple and Bragi took. They both created exceptional earbuds that are very useful and functional. It is very hard to take one side or the other – they both are simply amazing.

Having said that I feel that based on one’s lifestyle it is easier to make a decision on which ones to choose. If you are using earphones for commute and to listen to music then both of them are great. But if you are planning to use them while doing sports, then I feel, Bragi Dash Pro offers more. You can go for a swim or run and leave your phone at home. These features do make a huge difference when you exercise frequently.

Whichever you decide to get, they both are amazing. My hat is off to both: Apple and Bragi!

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