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When buying a watch people usually make their choice based on the looks, or the brand. But there is also another way – why not go for the one that matches your lifestyle the best. Each watch company represents individual sets of values and ideals through their investment in innovation, features to help you do what you do, their history and even a location. So, can you match it to your life, values, admiration to engineering or a place that potentially means a lot to you? If you had to think for a moment, what are the most important things to you in your life, at the moment? What group of people do you want to ‘hang out’ with, in your ideal life? What does your personality say about you? Here are some examples to get you going: … an outdoor adventurer who likes high tech? How about Suunto, a company founded by an engineer … read more
Discovering new things is one of the joys of travelling. To my surprise, while stopping for petrol on my latest trip, I saw this tiny shop. The more I looked around, the more I learned about it, the more if felt like entering a treasure trove. It is located in the middle of nowhere, in a sleepy Minglanilla village surrounded by hot and sandy Spanish countryside. About half way between Alicante and Madrid and you would never think of stopping here for any other reason than filling up your tank. But having spent the last few years discovering passionate makers in Europe, I was immediately attracted by the looks of this solitary shop. It felt that it is not influenced by the global trend currents, but rather setting its own local personality, hiding under fading letters in a quiet sandy summer day. With not a soul in sight, I stepped into the shop thinking that … read more
1. CAN REPRESENT (OR BRING YOU CLOSER) TO YOUR HERITAGE For this point I would love to be from Scotland. Seriously. As far as stating your heritage goes there is no more mystique and romantic way than using your long family’s tartan colours. Just to explain, each Scottish surname represents a clan and each clan had their own unique pattern of tartan colours. Now, even if you are completely not fussed about tartan, there are so many products out there that a) made in Scotland, but also b) can be custom made to represent the colours and patterns of your long standing past. Just some ideas for my Scottish readers: tartan, scarf, rug, tie, ‘iThing’ cover, flat cap, wool tam, wallet, bow tie, satchel bag, cufflinks and list goes on. And surely, if you buy Scottish tartan it just has to be made there too. read more