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Bragi is a young start-up company which introduced new ideas around the design of contemporary earbuds. Arguably, the design is better than what anyone else, including Apple, is selling at the moment. But do not take my word for it, make up your own mind when you read this Bragi Dash Pro Review listing all the features below.

Nikolaj Hviid, a Danish entrepreneur and former CEO of a design company enlisted another three bright minds (Josef Scheider, Arne Loermann and Toby Martin) to create the concept earbuds. When they shared their ideas on Kickstarter it raised $260,000 within two days. Now Bragi is based in Munich, Germany and employs around 100 people. More than 100,000 people own a pair of Dash Pro and CES (Consumer Electronics Show) awarded them with an “Innovation Award”.

Bragi Dash Pro earbuds are made in Germany, tapping into the long-standing history of high tech knowledge and skills of German industry. So let’s have a look at what’s so innovative about them.


Bragi Dash Pro comes in a metal sleek box that is heavier than other earpods I have ever owned. But this gives a solid and even a luxury feel. The metal feels quite thick, and you don’t need to worry about squashing or sitting down on it. I think tank could driver over them and it would hold.

The housing, of course, houses a battery for re-charing Dash Pro earbuds who clip to the housing magnetically. Earbuds light up in blue, green or red, depending on the charge remaining. It does work with one earbud charging, should you need to use another one at the same time. It can fully recharge earbuds for about three times.


Bragi Case OpennedBragi ConnectorsBragi Mini USB Connection

Bragi Dash Pro Design

Earpods themselves are very light and well fitting in the ear. And there are additional rubber fittings to adjust to different ear canals. The pair fits quite snug and hence I had no issues going for a jog and a swim with them (more on that below).

Battery life is not exceptional as I would have music playing for around three hours before I would need to place it back to its housing for re-charge.
I like how earbuds look in the ear. Initially, I was worried that they will be too big, but once in they look quite neat and discreet.
Most importantly, they are fully touch sensitive – so I can control many functionalities without ever touching my phone.

Bragi Single EarbudView From Behind

Main Controls and Functionalities

This is the most exciting part about Dash Pro for me. It can act as completely independent earphones. It has internal storage to save my music and I can play it without ever connecting to the phone. I can skip songs, change playlists, pause and adjust volume – all by touching earbuds themselves. Or just by using head shake or nod! This is especially useful, if you are like me, travelling on the tube every day, where there is no mobile network reception. Also, it is nice to go for a run and leave your phone behind sometimes.

If/when connected to the phone through Bluetooth I can use it to listen to music and make calls.



Bragi Dash Pro ReviewControl List

Sports Functionalities

What makes this gadget trully innovative is its ability to track sports. Bragi Dash Pro tracks running, swimming and cycling automatically (when enabled). Yes, it will track different parameters relevant to the sport. For example number of laps and breaths when swimming, and distance when cycling, as well as speed and distance too. To my surprise, it was even tracking my heart beat. Through my ear?! Who could have thought?

All this data is displayed on your phone directly or when synced afterwards – quite useful when you go for a swim.
My only peeve was that on automatic mode it would announce that it is now tracking my swimming while I was simply walking down the road (so I disabled it).

Mobile DisplayDash Pro In Water

Noice Cancellation. And Hearing Enhancement?

Sound insulation thanks to tight fit around the ear canal is quite good. But it becomes very good when software does its part during active noice cancellation. I love the fact that I can pause it with a quick touch when I need to talk to someone at the counter or to cross a busy part of town during my morning jog.

It also has this sound enhancement mode which enables me to have a much sharper hearing. Quite fascinating and surely must be used by spies when they need to eavesdrop on people. Of course, for us normal mortals, it is just a useful feature when need to interact with people without taking earbuds out of one’s ears.


Overall I am very impressed with that these little earbuds can do. It made my life much easier when tracking my sports, especially at the time when I was training for a triathlon.
In Dec 2019, I checked what other options I have in the market, should I wish to upgrade to something new. But nothing even close to those features is available at the moment. And that includes AirPods and AirPods pro, of course. If you want to know how Bragi compares with Apple earbuds see my Apple Airpods Pro vs Bragi Dash Pro Review Comparison.

I truly enjoy using these Bragi and I raise my hat off to a great gadget made in Germany. If you want to discover what other interesting things are made in Germany check out our page listing products by country.

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