MADE IN: Smethwick (saddles) and Manchester (bags), England          PRICE: €110 – €230          ESTABLISHED: 1866

Brooks is a well-established name the cyclist world. They carved their space with their distinctive design and heavy duty leather material which moulds to the rider’s curves over time. There is a science behind it, which explains that leather fibres break down in places of most stress. Which, in turn, allows the seat to adjust to each cyclist’s bum, the trick is that you need to cycle between 100 and 1000 miles for it to fully take effect. If you are buying one, it is for a long haul – standard guarantee is two years, which is extended to 10 years once you register on their website.

The saddle in the picture is the C15 racing model from Cambium family. It is designed for long distance riding, weights 405g and differently from the majority of other saddles it also has natural rubber components.

Brooks saddles are famous for being very comfortable, even before you go through ‘adjustment’ process. Also, different ranges address different issues a cyclist might be having with their saddle; it is worth visiting their shop to learn more from the team.

For the racers and weight-conscious cyclists, it is worth mentioning that these saddles tend to be heavier due to the material used – natural, thick leather. The alternative would be their titanium range which addresses this potential issue.

The company is not just a saddle maker. Their products include:
. An impressive range of specialised bags and backpacks, and not only for cyclists.
. Leather bar tapes
. Leather grips
. Multi-tool sets
. Front and rear lights

In the drive to develop more and more specialised bags, Brooks, at some point, even designed a bag for carrying golf clubs on a bicycle.

B17 saddle has been in the production, completely unchanged since 1890’s. The same design and manufacturing process are being used today, the only difference – these days you can order one online.

If you are considering getting one for yourself, you might want to watch this video which explains the difference for Brooks’ six lines of saddles. Then you will only have to choose one of the 40 models within them.

Disappointed by the comfort level on his bicycle Mr Brooks uses his knowledge in leather works and to design and file his first patent for a comfortable bicycle seat, in 1878
Leaning on his knowledge Brooks has developed a very wide range of bicycle bags in 1880’s
The first factory ‘Criterion Works’ built to make luggage for the wider audience, but this division was later sold, as the company decided to specialise in bicycle and motorbike bags.
Over the time Brooks merged with Lycett, The Leatheries and Wrights Saddle Co.

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