MADE IN: Italy (we are almost sure) PRICE: €375 COMPANY FOUNDED: 1933 WEBSITE

It is as classic Italian as it gets. Founded by Tulio Campagnolo who was not your ordinary racing cyclist. To gain an edge on his competitors, he started innovating and testing it out in the field. It all started with the concept of a quick release for wheels, which then was extended to derailleurs and the rod gear for gear changing. To this date, the company has gained 135 patents on cycling technology.

Its headquarters are located in Vicenza, Italy. But there is very little information on the location of their factories and innovation centers. Hence we had to rely on third party information and online forums reporting origin labels on the products themselves. The company has remained a leader in group set technology. For seconds shaving athletes they have extra light carbon sets, and for those with lots of dosh (and who are of the geeky type), there are electronic ones too.

We used Veloce groupset, which was great during my Triathlon training, London Triathlon itself, trip from London to Paris as well as British Coast to Coast ride. One note that I would probably have to make – it is significantly louder than others. Although it “sounds quality” for many, others might find it a little annoying. For my cycling mates, I make a grand entrance each time they hear me coming.

Campagnolo did not just stop on the bicycle parts, in 1950’s the company manufactured wheels for sports cars like Alfa Romeo, Ferrari, Maserati, and Lamborgini.

In addition to group set, Campagnolo also makes many other parts suitable for road racing, triathlon, cyclocross and track: wheels, hubs, individual cranksets and even bottle cages.

If you wish to learn more about the technology and innovation by Campagnolo, here is a list of things you can look into:

Campagnolo innovation list

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