Ever wondered what ‘DT’ stands for? ‘Drahtwerke Trefileries’ in German and French mean ‘wireworks, so full name stands for ‘wireworks made in Switzerland’. Not a bad name for a company that is making a lot of their products in Biel, Switzerland.

From worldwide locations we managed to identify the following specialisations:
Biel, Switzerland – factory, product testing and design.
Poland – rims and as well as a wheel-building centre
Germany – aluminium rim profiles
Taiwan – carbon products

History of DT Swiss growth can be summarised in the following:
around 17th century United Wireworks company was started
1994 management buyout of its spoke business
1995 launch of Star Ratchet hubs
1999 start of nipple production
2001 first bike shocks produced
2003 they moved into rim making
2004 assembly of complete wheels (Italian and Swedish steel is used for the spokes)
2006 manufacturing of forks

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