Finding a unique gift can sometimes be challenging, and finding a European gift even more so. We realised it three years ago, and that’s how the idea for this website was born. Many European makers are creating unique and very different things from the mass production we see everywhere, but they can be hard to find. This page will help you save your time by suggesting the best places to look. See our suggested paths you can take, decide what is suitable for your situation and needs and enjoy the sense of discovery.


Unique gifts for under €50

It is definitely not a place to find a bargain or choose things based on its price. But, if you have a set budget this is a page for you. There are a lot of interesting and unique gifts available at this price range without any compromise to the story you can share.

Unique gifts for under €100

At this budget, you are definitely spoiled for choice. We selected our favourite ones, hence this is the most concise European gift guide you will probably find. Total research time of over two years was essentially boiled down to this list.

18 unique gifts for men

Men sometimes can be hard to understand. And when it comes to present selection it can be a real challenge. The secret is simple, tell a story not the features. This is a list of 18 unique European made gifts for men, that have been voted by our team as the best.


For those times when you have an idea of the type of gift, you would like to get it is worth checking our Guides on what is made in Europe. It is still work in progress, but you can already learn more on:

European Smart Watches

That’s the surprise in itself – yes there are very interesting smartwatches that are actually being made in Europe. The list is not long, we have to admit, but nevertheless very tempting.

Swiss Watch Guide

Of course, one of the most recognised European made products would be Swiss watches. Interestingly not many people can name more than 5 Swiss watch brands. For those looking to find a bargain or something different, you will be pleased to know that there are more than 50 watchmakers based in Switzerland. We cover most of them, try to explain the difference and tell an interesting fact about the company or the watches themselves.

Socks with a difference

Who said socks would make a boring present?! There is definitely a lot of excitement from women and men about colourful, funny or even daring socks. Even super official city boys in London or NY compete who has more flashy socks hidden under their suits. In addition to colour, theme or images cocks can be grouped by properties and, of course, country. For example, an outdoor guy would love socks from Sweden. It is an ultimate outdoor playground, including truly cold winters. Such environment breeds innovation and know-how on how to make truly warm socks. A more formal man might instead appreciate the British gentleman favourites like Hardy and Hudson. My favourite, for example, would be very thin summer socks – great for those hot summer days.

Plates and bowls

There is so much more to plates and bowls than initially meets the eye. Firstly there are different types of materials used in making it. They have different properties suitable for different purposes: think porcelain for fine tea drinking, and earthenware for stew bawls. Some European countries have a lot of history or well-recognised designs. Decorations can differ widely from one country to the other, from fine drawings on luxury dinner sets to more rustic hand-painted artisan work. This type of presents can match the values of a very diverse variety of people.

European bicycle makers

If you are looking for a gift for a person that is cycling or is passionate about cycling sports, then this guide will be a great help for you. You can get an accessory for the bike, piece of clothing or even an actual part for the bike. The key secret to exceptional gift is to buy a present with a story to tell. Since there are not that many European makers left getting something from them is a story in itself. Then there are also special country associations, Italians and French have always had a very strong culture of cycling. Get a piece of that history as a gift and you are a hero.

Bicycle accessories come in many shapes and forms, but the most useful probably would be the lights (especially useful in winter months), chains to secure the bike, bags (or panniers in a cycling world), tools, seats, helmets or even a bar tape can become great gifts.

Bike parts can also be gifts. There are some very well regarded bicycle part makers in Europe. For example, Hope from England is known worldwide for their hubs and brakes. Those parts are not cheap hence it is not unusual for cyclists to plan such purchase for a long time. Just help them make this dream a reality.

And of course, sports clothes are just a great choice for European gift. Simple things can mean a lot. For example, you can get a relatively cheap cycling cap with the Italian flag on it. If it is also made in Italy, that’s a bonus! Apart from the usual, even socks can be impressive if you know where to look for unusual ones.


It is a long process to identify and select the best, or most interesting things people would enjoy. These guides are more generic, mostly concentrating on types of products that are being made in the country and what sets them apart from others. It can still give you a lot of help in your hunt for a European gift idea.

What is made in Italy

Everyone loves “Made in Italy” label. But there is more to that than just a ticket on your present. It is still the very undiscovered country, I feel. Many regions are specialising in one type of product. So if you aim to buy a leather gift, you should go to the region of Marche. But if you like the idea of a glass chandelier produced by 800-year-old techniques, then you should visit the city of Murano, in Venice. This country is so much more than just designer handbags and sports cars.

What is made in Sweden

It is a very different country with different culture and climate. This created something different and unique. We found many interesting things, but my favourite would definitely be knives made by the villagers based in the Northernmost village in the world – well within the arctic circle. They are deer breeders, but also use their generations-old knowledge in making knives during long winter evenings.

What is made in Lithuania

A complete wildcard, right? Many people don’t even know where this country is, or anything about it. And that can be a good thing when you are hunting for that elusive unique European gift. It was impressive to learn that Lithuanians are well advanced in making wooden eco toys for kids, natural linen bedding and towels as well as (crazy thought) portable hot tubs and saunas!


These two blog posts can also help you in your hunt for a European gift. What to Buy for a Man That Has It All looks at seven different approaches you can take when looking for a unique European gift. It gives suggestions and example on what matters to men who have it all, but same applies to most of us. It is not about the price you pay; it is about how thoughtful and exciting the gift is.

How to Choose Your Watch – the Alternative Way talks about less mainstream ways of choosing your watch. Interestingly as a first step, you do not even need to see or know how it looks. There are so many other things to consider first. An interesting read if you think the watch would be an interesting European gift idea for you.


Pinterest Boards

Over the years we have been selecting interesting European gifts to our different Pinterest boards. Here is an easy way to scroll through different ideas. It is split into different parts of the house, should you look for an interesting piece to your house. As well as gift ideas for him and gift ideas for her, of course.


Interesting European gift ideas and stories about makers producing unique and interesting products can be found on our Instagram feed too. Follow us to get constant updates on our finds. Maybe next time, there will be no last minute panic as you will have a gift idea well in advance.


Since you like the idea of selecting your European gift based on heritage and interesting stories, you will like the shops we found over the years. They sell different products but share one common value – pride in who and where those special things are made. Websites that share our values.