European Pens – Guide

Fountain PensFrench Made PensPen

Waterman Pens

MADE IN: France ESTABLISHED IN: 1870 PRICE: €35 – €240

Waterman Pens are made in France, Paris. As a company it is known for its finest pens that are elegant and reliable. To prove that company extends three year warranty to all of their pens.

With such rich history and loyal following the company is continuing to innovate in design and luxury maerials used. The fact that these pens are made in France is additional nice story to tell.


The legend goes that the salesman was embarrassed when the fountain pen has leaked extensively during a sales demonstration. That inspired

him to create a pen company with innovative ‘tree fissure ink feeder system’, that is now known as Waterman.

Colourful PensGerman Pens

Otto Hutt Pens

MADE IN: Germany, Black Forest FOUNDED: 1908 PRICE: €79 – €370

Sleek and sophisticated probably would be the best way to summarise what these pens are about. They will fit a pocket of a professional, CEO, but as well of a creative person with their colourful Design 6 range.

Considering that Otto Hutt pens are made in Germany we can expect and see an exceptional quality, attention to detail, and just high-class engineering in works.

The company has a very long standing history and its name is very well respected in the pen cult circles. What I like about Otto Hutt, that it is sophisticated but not overpriced. It is costly but affordable to the

majority of people.


In a very German way Otto Hutt pens are grouped into Design 1, Design 2 etc (until Design 7). Each range has its own unique style which can be very different from the one before.

Picture credits to Otto Hutt.

Stainless Steel PenMetal Defence PenBrass Defence PenPen Made in GermanyMilitary Pen

Böker Defence Pens

MADE IN: Germany, Solingen FOUNDED: 1908 PRICE: €39 – €185

Talking of the unique pens… This is not something that one would come across every day. Neither these are the pens for everyone.

Having said this. For a fan of self-defence, military or Bourne Identity movie this is a type of pen to have. Self-defence pens are designed to be used as a knife for in threatening situations. Made out of a sturdy metal structure, with a good grip and solid sharp tip it can become a weapon in a minute of need.


The best example of how a pen can be used in a self-defence situation

can be seen in Bourne Identity movie. Full fight scene can be found on youtube here. Although Jason Bourne used the usual plastic pen, it shows the potential of the pen as a grave weapon, in the minute of need.

Picture credits to Böker Plus.

Unique German pens

Kaweco Pens

MADE IN: Germany SINCE: 1881 PRICE: €15 – €130
As a company that has been producing pens for more than a century it is still seen as a hidden gem for buyers outside Europe. For those who know it, these are classic pens that stand out due to their shape and functionality.
Their Sport range (invented in 1911) is famous for its design, and compact size that expands when writing. These days the company has twenty series, all of them, of course, made in Germany.


Kaweco patented Safety Fountain Pen design in 1911. A concept that then spread around the world.

My personal favourite is STEEL Sport range which features outstanding looking pens made out of extremely durable steel. It has something ultimately powerful and timeless about it.

Picture credits go to Kaweco.

aluminium penscientific pen from Germany

rOtring Pens

MADE IN: Germany SINCE: 1923 PRICE: €5 – €90
These are pens for people who appreciate or need to achieve precision. For most of us, it can offer pens for daily use with very fine tip, craftsmanship, long-lasting aluminium casing and unique retracting mechanism. But it’s core strength is actually in technical pens. Graphic fineliners, Isograph and Rapidograph pens are used by artists, scientists and architects.


rOtring Initial Fountain Pen is equipped with a special Air Pressure Compensation System (APC) which enables the user to write smoothly on journeys by air.

Picture credits go to rOtring.

Calligraphy gift setCalligraphy setFountain penCalligraphy box from Germany

Online Calligraphy Fountain Pen Sets

MADE IN: Germany PRICE: €69 – €150

Calligraphy pens from the legendary company, made in Germany. It is a relatively young company founded in 1991. But they follow the same German values: quality with no compromises. Founded by a couple of former teachers the company is now recognised and sold in 56 countries worldwide.

For finer experience find the pens made from rare rosewood or the ones that use real pearls.


The founders have developed an app helping kids to learn how to write.

Now they even have created video tutorials for calligraphy writing, led by famous calligraphists.

Picture credits go to Online.

Artisan made dip penNib pen writing set

Bortoletti Dip Pen and Writing Sets

MADE IN: Italy, Venice PRICE: €35 – €150
These are exceptional artisan made dip pens, made in Italy. Metal parts are handcrafted from bronze or silver, while the colourful part is actually a world-famous Murano glass. Four Bortoletti brothers started making these pens to celebrate Italian craftsmanship and historical skills passed from father to son.


Murano glass pens highlight the ultimate Italian heritage. Pens are crafted in Italy and Murano glass has originated from Venice region, since 1291.

It is quite unique to see one company producing metal parts, Murano glass, wooden accessories and even pen nibs. For that reason, nib pen set is so special. Every part is crafted by the same artisan team.

Although these artisans are using traditional skills and manufacturing techniques the design has been adopted to contemporary style by two artists Elio Martella and Agostino Venturini.

Picture credits go to Bortoletti.

Cleave Royal LogoLuxury pen made in EnglandEnglish custom made penenglish custom made pen


This is a company with true Royal relationships, literally. Known for making custom royal Insignia, Objects d’Art and state gifts, they serve the requirements of Royalties and state institutions from more than 40 countries. All pens are custom created to celebrate special occasions or anniversaries.


The company’s address is 1 Buckingham Place SW1E 6HR. Which is located just around the corner from the world famous Buckingham Palace, where Queen of England and her family lives.

Pens are made by a team of craftsmen who have perfected their skills expand..

in metal turning, engraving and vitreous enameling to create these distinctive pens.


MADE IN: England ESTABLISHED IN: TBC PRICE: custom orders only

Picture credits to Cleave.