When buying a watch people usually make their choice based on the looks, or the brand. But there is also another way – why not go for the one that matches your lifestyle the best.

Each watch company represents individual sets of values and ideals through their investment in innovation, features to help you do what you do, their history and even a location. So, can you match it to your life, values, admiration to engineering or a place that potentially means a lot to you?

If you had to think for a moment, what are the most important things to you in your life, at the moment? What group of people do you want to ‘hang out’ with, in your ideal life? What does your personality say about you? Here are some examples to get you going:

… an outdoor adventurer who likes high tech?
How about Suunto, a company founded by an engineer Suunto watch outdoorswho enjoyed orienteering in his spare time. To help him with the navigation through the forests he invented the first liquid filled compass.

Since then (1936), the company has been innovating all sorts of useful ‘outdoorsy’ technologies for wristwatches. And it paid off, many explorers and adventurers from all around the world have been using these for decades now. There are simply too many features to list, but, for me, the most jaw-dropping abilities include storm warning (can life-saving when climbing mountains), ability to track an extensive list of sports activities and a GPS tracker which shows your way back to the pre-set point.

It seems that the location of the company also matters. Scandinavians love outdoors, so you can be sure that those Finland-based engineers are personally testing their innovations on those frequent trekking and sports trips across the wild mountains and forests.

Another plus is that this part of the world is a leader in nature preservation and recycling. In turn, this is reflecting their manufacturing processes, material selection and ease of access to the repair service, instead of just throwing away and replacing.

See our Suunto Ambit 3 review for full list of features and capabilities.

… a tech geek who just like everything that is the latest?
There is no other company in the world with a more compelling story as Apple. Steve Jobs’s embedded innovation and passion in the company’s current story. Most high-tech lovers do and will love iWatch for years to come. Get one, and you are part of the latest trend, part of the massive movement that gets lots of new features to test and (let’s be honest) brag about, with every new release.

Mind you there are also other technological discoveries made by other watch companies. You can see more and more smartwatches coming to the market. Including the ones that are being issued by the traditional watchmaking companies. So don’t stop discovering, there will be (or potentially is?) a time when the iWatch is still the most popular, but not “the latest” any longer.

To find alternative ‘Smart Watches’ out there, you might like my list of ‘Guide to European Smart Watches’ as a starting point.

… a business-minded creative individual who likes to exercise?
It fits too well; I just have to give an example of my fiancee, Lucie. She is a creative professional who runs a successful digital business. So here is a story on how her watch matches her life:

It supports her pursuit of an active lifestyle
Lucie likes to remain active no matter how busy she gets with her business. She set herself a walking distance target, and the watch tracks her progress towards it throughout the day. For the sports side, it also tracks her bi-weekly runs and occasional swim on the weekend.

Despite functionality, it fits her personal style
Since Activité watch looks quite minimalistic, it is formal for the business environment and yet stylish for her own creative side.
The analogue design avoids the chunky sports watch image and yet displays all the relevant tracking information on its screen.

It helps to adapt to different activities on same day
She likes colours in her life, the watch has an interchangeable leather strap for the day in the office, and additional three colourful plastic straps for sports and weekends. This morning she was with the client and used a leather strap, in the afternoon we went surfing, and she already had the watch with a sporty red strap on it.

The watch one owns, can represent multiple values. Each of these points has a meaning, story and a purpose in Lucie’s life. If I had to, I would find it difficult to replace her current Activité with something else. It just fits too well.

… a rebel against society and everything that is considered to be a norm?
Who said that the watch has to be a circle? Why does it have to display numbers around the face? Surely you would not want any liquid inside it? It is so wrong and amazingly challenging on so many different levels. There are quite a few strange watches out there, but name one, for me, the ultimate rebels in the watch world would be Urkwerk – mind blowing display and engineering and HYT – watches that are actually powered by liquid.

… a beach hipster that likes to play Volleyball and just have fun, without being too serious just yet?
Let’s admit it. To look ‘cool’ Volleyball watchesyou don’t necessarily need an expensive ‘stuff’. It just needs to be ‘funky’, maybe different, or maybe just say ‘I don’t care what you think’. There is one company that is trying very hard to push the boundaries without being pretentious about it.

So if you are playful, you can get yourself a bunch of playfully colourful Swatch watches, without spending a fortune. You can even match it to a Volleyball player with a well known Swatch Touch Zero One, for example. In addition to looking ‘beachy,’ it does the tracking, so you know your performance and even number of claps when just supporting the game. It is not just a coincidence that Swatch is the main sponsor of the Beach Volleyball Major Series 2017. Undeniably, they are part of the beach volleyball brotherhood now.

… a well-off socialite who usually thrives in finer establishments
In that case, you are spoiled for choice, probably more than anyone else. There are many luxury watch companies with fantastic watches to offer. Mind you, the people in such environments do have an eye for detail. They will probably know how the brand and much your watch costs in a glance. If you are part of that crowd, it shouldn’t be a problem. But, if you are trying to bluff your way in, they will figure you out in no time. So you might want to skip on that temptation of getting an expensive looking fake watch or go for a cheaper range from a very expensive watch company instead.
In this world, knowing about your brand is good. Looking stylish is even better. But you should also go an extra mile and potentially learn an interesting fact or two about the piece you wearing. This always helps during those networking evenings when you run out of a small talk and looking for another neutral but yet interesting topic to chat about.
Here is one of my favourite stories. It is about Hublot, an official F1 watch company. Of course, a well known Bernie Eccleston, the CEO of Formula 1, wears one too. So it happened, that Bernie was actually mugged and had his watch taken away once. Not to let the situation turn negative, Hublot actually put out adverts with pictures of beaten up Barnie Eccleston with a tagline: “See what people will do for a Hublot”.

There are more than a hundred of Swiss watchmakers out there; I tried my best to create an easy to follow Guide on Swiss Watches on what sets them apart and on what you get for your budget.

… an individual who is proud of his heritage?
Why not get yourself a watch made in the English watch country where your parents or grandparents come from. There are many great watches made in UK, France, Italy, Spain and even Finland, to name a few. A lot of them will proudly say “made in ” on its face – a nice reminder every time you check for the time.
It also a great conversation starter, such story tells itself when someone sees your watch. You will not only get questions about it, but you will potentially find something in common with people you would have not even talked to before.

… the one that likes to take life slowly, appreciating every moment you have?
I have to admit; this one is my personal favourite. If you live slow, you rarely need to know the exact time. But, unless you live in a forest, you probably still need to use a watch here then. So that’s where single-hand watches come in handy. It just screams “I don’t have to be anywhere I don’t want to right now”.

There are quite a few companies that make them these. But you can make it even more special by getting one from the guy who actually invented the concept. Klaus Botta, a German industrial design student, came up with this new way of looking at the time in 1986. This idea is becoming more and more popular today.

What’s your story? Tell us!

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