MADE IN: Barnoldswick, England PRICE: €180 COMPANY FOUNDED: 1989 WEBSITE

For this bike, I used Pro 2 Evo hub, which was upgraded from Pro 2 hub, by adding stainless steel cartridge bearings and a 17 mm outside diameter axe to prevent any potential flex. So far everything just works like a dream just the way I like it – it works, and I do not need to check on it, etc.

Hope Tech is a success story of the company that was started by young engineers trying to make cycling world a better place. Disappointed with the quality of the disk breaks on their mountain bikes they set out to use their skills from working at Rolls Royce Aeronautics to make better bicycle parts. The company just grew from strength to strength by gaining customers worldwide, at first as subcontractors and later under their own Hope brand. Today they employ around 100 people and are based in a purpose built factory that is operating 24 hours a day to meet all the demand.

Hope Technology events for femaleINTERESTING STORY:
Hope Tech is a company with unusual values and ethos that maybe should be followed by others. Their main aim is not about making a profit, but making better quality bicycle parts. The founders and majority of their staff are passionate cyclists who use the parts they make on the field. New products are designed by the same people who are exposed to the cycling and in the competing world on a daily basis. Furthermore, the company itself has become a hub for organising cycling competitions and sponsoring the professionals across all cycling disciplines. This image shows one of their regular events designed to encourage more females to cycle.
It is fun to read their blog sharing the adventures and challenges they are facing while in the field, you can follow them here:

Since the break disk days the company has widened its products offering significantly, they also make the following products for all types of bikes:
. Hubs – 14 options to choose from.
. Controls – headsets, stems, and grips all available in a range of colours.
. Lights – LED lights that use AA batteries and Hope energy cells
. Wheels – rims or fully assembled aluminum or carbon wheelsets.
. Drivetrain – full sets or every single part imaginable.
. Clothing – mainly in green brand colour that can also be associated with their sponsored professionals.
. Accessories – from shifters, seat clamps to even a green bike wash liquid.

One of the other Hope parts that was used on this European made bike is a stem, if you wish to read more about it click here

It seems that the only part that is not currently made by Hope is the actual frame, but there are some hints that potentially there are some in the pipeline too.

I could go on and on about this company, but you can check their website to learn more. With Hope Tech there are too many to list, but since this post is talking about hubs, there is one with an interesting concept which makes hubs ‘future proof’. The idea is simple – make them suitable for all widths of frames. Hope achieves that by simply inflating the drum. Here is the one of those hubs, in different states.
Hub with adjustable width

Thanks for the comment Alex, great movie, I am adding it to this post:

Hope Pro 4: Behind the Hubs from hopetech on Vimeo.

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