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We are an innovative start-up, flexible, adaptable and ready to take on the world! If you like to be part of a dynamic team that pays more attention to what you think you are capable of and less on what your previous experience is, then join us. We can provide you with a lot of opportunities to grow, to take responsibility and to prove yourself.

Who is joining us?
There is a constantly growing number of people in the team and they have joined us for different reasons. But if we had to summarise on why:

Students looking to gain work experience
We have all been in that vicious circle. Companies are asking for work experience before they employ you. We, in comparison, just care about what you think you are capable of doing. With us, you can learn and immediately apply your skills in a real business environment, whatever speciality field you are aiming at.

Professionals aiming to gain new skills
It appeals to professionals who feel stuck in their current roles or looking to switch to a new industry. They need relevant experience for that new job even more as it can be very hard to switch speciality. Flexible projects with us do offer an opportunity to gain new skills and to meet new people who have similar interests.

Looking to join a ‘start-up’
Start-up companies offer the flexibility and opportunities to grow professionally which you would rarely get with the established companies. Many ‘startups’ do not succeed but the ones that do consequently make you a ‘successful entrepreneur’! In addition, it seems that some people just want to be part of that ambitious group of people giving it a go.


A Volunteer
As a volunteer, you will not get paid in cash but will receive support, skills, work experience and references instead. It is a very flexible arrangement with no time commitment. You will be given a project with guidance which will be part of a larger project or you can suggest a project you would like to do instead.

A Fully Pledged Team Member
You will be responsible for a certain area of the business based on your ambitions. Most likely you will be responsible for making decisions and leading the team in your area of expertise. To become a Fully Pledged Team Member you have to successfully complete at least one project as a volunteer and then commit a certain number of hours per week.

If you are interested joining, drop us an email on

So… if you read the whole page to reach this sentence that means something attracted your attention. Whether it is the idea of promoting European makers and their innovation or simply due to your personal high ambitions that should not be limited by stringent corporate organisation, just drop us a line and start a new adventure in your life!