MADE IN: Nevers, France PRICE: €40 – €125 COMPANY FOUNDED: 1984 WEBSITE

Look is a leader in clipless pedals, known around the world. The company is employing around 420 people worldwide, but all of their development, design, and manufacturing takes place in the company’s birthplace – Nevers, central France. Its continuous investment in the development of bicycle pedals was recognised in 2009 when the company was awarded for being “the most innovative small and medium size firm” in France. As well as IF Design award in Germany in 2010.

For example, they recently patented new fixing system for their S-Track pedals, which offer double the surface area (of around 460 mm2) instead of the most common (around 200 mm2) in the world of MTB.

The company is the actual inventor of the clipless pedals. They came up with the concept and technology in 1984, and keep developing new types of pedals to this day.

The company does not stop at just making pedals. There are other interesting as well as innovative products too:
. Keo Power – a pedal that measures the power and cadence.
. Carbon bicycle frames – they were one of the pioneers in this from the beginning.
. Innovative aero brakes system – hides in the front frame to reduce wind resistance.
. Adjustable Aerostem – an aerodynamic stem that allows adjusting the angle from -13 to +17 degrees.
. ZED crankset – they claim it offers the best weight/stiffness ratio available due to their carbon monoblock construction.
. E-Post – another patented technology that allows customising its level of vibration absorption, based on the discipline and retraction needed.
. Carbon – they make their own carbon which can offer different qualities, based on what you are trying to achieve.
. A-Stem – a bizarre stem that simply extends from the bikes top tube, thus giving a number of useful benefits.

They even make clothes and bags now; I could not verify where they are made though.

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