MADE IN: Jargeau, France PRICE: €9 – €20 COMPANY FOUNDED: 1880 WEBSITE

What I like about this mudguard:
. It can be fitted without any tools as it has a great screw-in system that I have not seen before.
. Small but nice touch – a reflective ring at the back, for those dark winter evenings on the road.
. Green credentials – “50% of resin comes from vegetables in France, ” and it is easily recyclable.


Zefal pump business started when Edouard Morin bought a company from Mr. Sclaverand – an inventor of ‘French’ valve, also known as ‘Presta’ valve.
Company was branded Zefal in 1920, it’s name stands for: zef – wind in slang and al – aluminium. Aluminium wind it is then.

Zefal is a well-known company in France, but maybe a little less elsewhere. Having said that, it is a world leader in pump manufacturing, and 70 % of their production is exported worldwide. In a way, it is a great story as the company was, essentially, started around their pump business. Over time they innovated, patented and then used that to create pumps.
Today the company also specialising in bike accessories like pumps, bottles, mirrors, smartphone holders and locks.

Here is their video on manufacturing process

Do note that Zefal has two manufacturing plants: one in France and one in China.

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