Son Deluxe dynamo, made in Germany

(or also known as “SON Schmidt’s Original Nabendynamo”)

MADE IN: Tuben,Germany      PRICE: €200 – € 430     COMPANY FOUNDED: 1992      WEBSITE

It all started with one guy.
Wilfred Schmidt made the first prototype in 1992, by the 1995 serial production began. It is still not your usual company. The premises are based in a mixed-use property, with a lot of attention placed on socially and environmentally responsible conditions. For example, all of their 25 staff walks or cycles to work and most of their parts purchased from nearby where possible.

Dynamo factory team in Germany

The company is specialising in Hub Dynamos that are smooth running, lightweight and durable. It is designed to last for at least 50 000 km. Hence the company extends a five-year warranty to all of their products.

One of SON’s latest innovations is smart pressure compensation system which prevents hubs from water intrusion and the damage that usually follows.

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