MADE IN: Barnoldswick, England PRICE: €60 – €100 COMPANY FOUNDED: 1989 WEBSITE

Hope Technology has started from a small team of two and now employ around 100 people. All of their products are designed, tested and made in the UK. It is a great example of quality being driven by passion. The founders and the staff at the company are keen cyclists and hence use their experience to develop better, more reliable and more innovative products. To ensure timely deliver and quality all of the parts are made in one place on purpose.
This approach has clearly worked of them. The company has not only increased its production and also expanded the variety of parts manufactured. Today 50% of their products are exported worldwide and the new factory is already working at full capacity, 24 hours per day.

The company was founded by 2 young engineers from Rolls Royce Aerospace (Ian Weatherill and Simon Sharp) who were disappointed by the quality of some parts on their mountain bicycles. They started with disk breaks, which impressed other bike companies who ask them to become their supplier. As off 2000 the company moved away from supplying others and only make products for Hope Technology now.

I created a visual collage about the history of the company, from publicly available images:
Hope bicycle parts, made in England

Since the break disk days the company has widened its products offering significantly, they also make the following products for all types of bikes:
. Hubs – 14 options to choose from.
. Controls – headsets, stems and grips all available in range of colours.
. Lights – LED ligths that use AA bateries and Hope energy cells
. Wheels – rims or fully assembled aluminium or carbon wheelsets.
. Drivetrain – full sets or every single part imaginable.
. Clothing – mainly in green brand colour that can also be associated with their sponsored professionals.
. Accessories – from shifters, seat clamps to even a green bike wash liquid.

It seems that the only part that is not currently made by Hope is the actual frame, but there are some hints that potentially there are some in the pipeline too.

Colourful bicycle stems, made in England

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