Toothbrush Guide

Toothbrushes are just another item that can be exciting if you just spend a moment looking into the history and traditions of companies that are making it. My favourite was a toothbrush that follows the design of original toothbrushes that were made from the whalebone…

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G B Kent & Sons

Being one of the oldest companies specialising in brush products it stands out for its quality and long standing values. Most of their brushes are handmade, and that includes their signature natural bristle toothbrush.


In its lifespan the company had been awarded “Royal Warants” for nine reigns.


MADE IN: England ESTABLISHED IN: around 1777 PRICE RANGE: €3 – €29

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Swiss Smile

These toothbrushes are made by what is known a high-end dentist clinic. Now they are not only specialising in dental healthcare in 12 locations in Europe, but also making products related to oral hygiene. The company prides itself on deep understanding in the subject matter and ability to adapt to individual needs of each customer.


Swiss Smile founders Dr. Golnar Abivardi Signer and Dr. Haleh Abivardi Brönnerwere awarded “Entrepreneur of the Year” in 2007, 4 years after starting the company.


MADE IN: Switzerland ESTABLISHED IN: 2003 PRICE: €24