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Unique Gifts for Under $50

This is our list of unique gifts that you might find useful for this Christmas. They all have interesting stories to make them even more special. We feel that unique gifts do not need to be expensive. The European heritage of your gifts is a first step in telling a story about it. But there are more stories and reasons to buy them. You can buy any of these gifts for less than 50 dollars online.

Feel free to drop us a line if you have some other great recommendations and we will do our best to add it here. Just to make it straight, these are our fair and honest personal recommendation based on years of research. By clicking buy you supporting further research and even more serious suggestions in the future.



Made in a factory designed around workers and their welfare. They have RFID shield built in, to protect contactless cards from fraud.
Made in Holland €31

Space Wallet

Made in Germany made in Europe Slim wallet
Rebelious design students created these to move away from “old fashioned wallet styles”. Same content of your wallet will be slimmer.
Handmade in Germany €19.90


Yellow wallet made in EU opened wallet Gift idea wallet made in Europe
Created by a young company that works with European artisans. They design in Finland and then tap into regional strengths of Europe. Handmade in Spain €42


Roterfaden Diary Notebook

Notebook in German Notebook made in Germany Gift idea - german notebook
Customisable notebook and diary, from young small company dedicted to ideal notebooks. Exceptional, new yet vintage.
Handmade in Germany €14

Calepino Weekly Planner

Notebooks made in France Gift idea - notebook Brand from France
Vintage design. Made using recycled and unbleached paper, hand folded, family run business. Comes with 3 notebooks in one box. Handmade in France €12

Ciak Duo Diary & Notebook

Italian notebooks leather notebook dual notebook white and black
Two in one. Weekly diary on one side, flip over and it is a lined note book on the other. Soft leather cover. Very famous notebook maker. Made in Italy €16.80


HardGraft Key Fold

brown leather keyfold made in Italy Black leather key fold
It is less than 10 year old company that designs and trials new concepts to bring Italian leather craft to 21st century.
Handmade in Italy €36

Key Clotchette

brown leather pouch made in Stockholm Made in Denmark key pouch gift idea - key pouch
Simon Tuntelder, a young passionate contemporary leathermaker who seeks a balance between simplicity and functionality.
Handmade in Denmark €48

Shchur Key Fold

Key holder Made in England Key pouch
Quality is achived by using time tested Italian leather. Which in turn has been designed and made by traditional craftsmen in England. Handmade in England €19 – €25


Il Bussetto

Pink pen from Italy Italian leather pen Green pen
Although made from leather, uniquely there are no seams or visible joints. No one else seem to do the leather accessories that way.
Handmade in Italy €40

Diplomat Spacetec Pen

Present idea - high tech pen Made in Germany Pen from Germany
High tech pen that writes in extreme confitions from -20 to +50 C, under water and even in space. True: used by cosmonauts too.
Made in Germany €30 – €40

Irish Pens

wooden pen pen handmade in Ireland fountain carbon pen
Another great story of a man who gives up a good job to pursue his passion in making amazing things. Comfortable classic pens. Handmade in Ireland €50 – €95


Bolin Webb Razor R1

Orange Razor Blue Razor Razor Made in Britain
Ideal for lovers of sports cars. Colourful paint comes from neighbouring factories in British car manufacturing capital – Birmingham.
Made in Britain €40 – €49

MÜHLE Shaving Brush

Shaving brush from Germany shaving accessory artificial bristle
Handle made from oak that submerged in bog centuries ago. That’s how this natural colour occurred in these very rare pieces of wood.
Made in Germany €46

Kent Toothbrush

natural bristle toothbrush English toothbrush White toothbrush
Traditionally they were made from a whale bone. The design is re-created using the same technique of hand stitching natural bristle. Handmade in England €25 – €28

Image credits go to the respective companies listed above.

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