Yes, I am Bulgarian… I spent my first 6 years of my life in Germany with my family. For first time, I saw Bulgaria through the eyes of one little girl who felt like a foreigner there. Yes I do understand that it sounds strange but that was my first feeling even if my parents never stop talking about Bulgarian with me and my siblings, telling us stories, showing the main traditions of the country….
When we had to come back to Bulgaria, for me personally was like an adventure. I was going to see my native country for real not only in my imagination. The main thing that I knew why my parents decided to leave the country is that they weren’t satisfied of the life there – bad economy, bad politics, etc. As a kid I couldn’t understand completely what they mean…
Oooo well, at first it was a shock. Everything was so different (for good or bad) from my pictures in my head. That was the period exactly after the political changes – going from socialist country to democratic, financial collapse and many many other changes… one “chaos”.
Let’s start with the GOOD things now… What the Bulgarians are proud of?

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