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5 Unique Gift Ideas For Wine Lovers

I found these interesting wine accessories during my extensive time spent researching European made wine openers. You would not normally find the bellow in a traditional shop.

Golden Wine Bottle Stoppers


Masterskaya 1717 is a small family business. A creative couple, Anna and Max, from Kharkiv in Ukraine, have started designing and making these unique wine stoppers since 2015. Now they ship these across the globe, and I noticed the price creeping up too. But I think they are definitely worth it.

They are literally sculptured from bronze - so you get yourself a tiny, handmade sculpture. If you are buying one as a gift, it is useful that it comes in a nice wooden box. But do allow extra time for delivery, especially to the USA.

The best place to buy it would be their Etsy shop.

Champagne Stopper by Kloveo

MADE IN ITALY I Price: around $20

Kloveo is a young company that invented and patented a unique way of sealing champagne bottles. With this stopper you do not need to use expensive standard equipment that uses pressured air to keep those bubbles in the bottle.

WAF patent approves up to 88 psi pressure or 6 ATM. The way it is achieved? By simply using physics - the pressure from inside is sealing the bottle thanks to its clever design.

Made from stainless steel it is very easy to use and quite an interesting experience - when you can 'pop' the same bottle more than once.

Personalised Italian Wine Glasses


Fara Vetrerie is one of the small crystal glassmakers that follows the tradition of making it all by hand. Based in a small town of Montespertoli near Florence, they make various types of crystal, porcelain or even metal glasses.

I feel it is pretty special to have handmade crystal glasses from Italy, which are also personalised to you. They can put a name, a greeting or just a logo anywhere you want on the glass.

A lot of restaurants adding their name, but for gift personalisation, for example, I've seen people putting a year, or initials or a short toast relevant to the person.

Zalto Gravitas Omega Glasses

MADE IN GERMANY I Price: around $90 for two glasses

Probably someone came up with this design idea after breaking the stem of their wine glass on a heavy night out. Anyhow, this is a great conversation starter and a nice display piece.

I tried it myself, and I did enjoy using it. This way I was putting more attention to how the wine behaves, the colours and the smells. I would not recommend it in the tipsy state though - you do need to be careful when using them.

Also, the wine lovers will appreciate the fact that all Zalto glasses are handmade and blown by experienced glass makers.

Handmade Ceramic Bottle Stopper


Bella Soleil is an Italian importer to the US who is selling these great hand-made bottle stoppers. They are ceramic, hand painted and already brought to the US. So, my dear American friends, for you shipping is cheap and fast. For me and the rest - we will have to fly to Italy to find the makers of these beauties.

On a serious note, that is exactly the point. Traditional families that make these do not sell on eBay or Amazon. And hence that is exactly the reason why it is unique and why it will be appreciated as a gift. And you can add a bottle of Italian wine with it.

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