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Bilame Wine Opener

Made in France Founded in: 1946 Price: from €25

Bilame wine opener is a patented innovation from L’Atelier Du Vin, a company established in 1926 to sell and create all things around wine.

The shape was designed in 1946 and is still a popular wine opener amongst wine enthusiasts. Thanks to its unique shape it can extract old and brittle corks – it never penetrates it, but just ‘hugs’ it from the sides.

Uniquely it is the only wine opener I know that is also used for re-inserting the cork to seal the wine bottle.

The legend has it, that waiters used it to open and close wine bottles in restaurants without any trace of tampering. What a great way to try different wines and ensure that customers still pay for them.

See a quick video on how it works here.


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