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Rocking Sheep

Rocking sheep is the next level idea for the traditional rocking horse.

Babies and toddlers tend to appreciate natural, long-haired wool to grab onto when rocking into the sunset. Well – as we know – they will grab it, they will rub their face in it, and they will have a go at tasting it too. Hence wool is probably nicer to touch and taste than wood.

They are made in Denmark by traditional wood craftsmen and their inventor - Povl. He initially designed it 40 years ago as a gift to his niece, who was missing out on the joys of the countryside by living in the city. This way, he thought, rocking sheep toy could still bring some of that excitement to the kids lives.

The sheepskin comes in three colours: white, black and brown. After decades of testing, Povl decided only to use natural wool, which is much friendlier to the kids' skin and tend to last much longer – especially in families with multiple kids. Sheep wool, you see, is gentle on the skin and is naturally antibacterial, thanks to its moisture release properties.

These Danish rocking toys are fully certified by European quality standards – a requirement for all kids toys, especially when it is made in Europe.

When you choose your rocking sheep, it can also be customised by carving the child's name onto the wooden frame.

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