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Cleave Custom Made Pens

MADE IN: England PRICE: custom orders only

The company’s address is 1 Buckingham Place SW1E 6HR, located just around the corner from the world-famous Buckingham Palace, where Queen of England and her family live.

Pens, you see, is only part of their workload. They are also a dedicated designer and maker of insignia and medals, amongst other things.

A team makes craftsmen with a set of genuinely unique skills like metal turning, engraving and enamelling are making these custom and one-off pens. I have not come across another so professional workshop like this before.


There are many interesting designs their clients have requested over the years, but Thames themed pen is my favourite. It is a homage to the English heritage with an English made nib, which is then complimented by a river Thames flowing into it from the top.


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