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Italian coastline - link to a post

Italy is a world-famous European country that is undoubtedly the most romanticised out of all. It is known for its culture, art, design, fashion, food, artists, luxury cars and many other things.

Berlin's skyline - link to a page

Germany is Europe's powerhouse. And that is partly driven by innovative engineering and outstanding manufacturing efficiencies. Hence, it is not a surprise that 'German made' associate with quality products.


Discover Ukraine through the eyes of its artisans. This country should not and does not want to be defined by war alone. They are proud of its culture, heritage and history - which shaped what it makes today.

link to 'what is made in Lithuania' post

Lithuania is one of the three small states by the Baltic sea, famous for its lush forests, blue lakes and the focus on organic and natural things.

thumbnail link to 'what is made in Scotland' page

Scotland is a truly fascinating country with unique traditions and rich history. There is a lot to discover about it and the things they make.

link to post about Sweden

We all know about minimalistic Scandinavian design, which is so popular these days. But, there is a less known side of the country too.

Belgian city street view

Instead of just talking about makers, I decided to jump on the bike and visit them in person. Hence, this country guide is different – we can visit the artisans and the country through a cycling blog post.

Alexander Nevsky cathedral in Sofia

As a Bulgarian I would like to talk about my country from the perspective of food. Without giving too much away – this discovery might turn out to be surprisingly rosy.

image link to guide about the Netherlands

Yes, when we talk about the Netherlands, it includes Holland too. And it is a country that makes a lot of unique European things worth discovering. I also used this chance to jump on a bike and had a nice ride around meeting those makers and finding some fascinating places.

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