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Guide To European Smartwatches

Smartwatches these days can take many shapes, and some of them disguised as an analogue watch. I have a look at what European made smartwatches we have in the market, and what they have to offer.

Italy is a home to hundreds of thousands of artisans who work in wide range of workshops. They also pretty good at design, fashion and making clothes - I think you would agree. Find some great gift ideas here.

link to a blog post about gift ideas for men

This is a quick overview of the ideas we selected around the office. We know many great European products by now - here are our favourite for men.

link to a blog post about unique gifts for under $50

There are many great gifts that you can buy from Europe for less than $50. I even tried to add the ones that have faster delivery in the US.

link to a blog post about gift ideas from Europe

With a budget of $100 you can get a lot of really interesting ideas. Each of these gifts come with an exciting story - a great bonus to any present.


I built a custom made European bike, here is full list of parts I used and manufacturers behind them.

link to unique wine opener page

Wine openers can take other shapes than a corkscrew. Here are the most interesting ones I tried and liked.

Struggle is real. Left handed people do like to use those every day items that are designed for them.

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There are a several large bike manufacturers, but you can also discover smaller yet exciting brands.


There are several kitchenware makers that design and make truly unique kettles for any home.

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Interesting and unusual accessories, cups and coffee makers from Europe can be an amazing gift.

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Wine is not the only thing you can gift a wine lover. These unique accessories will impress them too.

thumbnail link to cyclists gift ideas page

Cyclists are a special breed. They think differently for sure, but there are many things that excite them.

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