European Products' Reviews

three colourful pens - thumbnail to a review

Caran D’Ache is quite a special company. Based in Switzerland it is approaching its pen design differently. Hence, I find them quite inspiring and brave, but how do they write and feel?

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Campagnolo is a famous Italian engineering company, but it is mostly known for its bike components. But this Italian corkscrew is made to outshine any other wine openers you might have in your kitchen drawer.

slow watch - link to review

Take is 'slow' is a lesson here. An interesting watch that looks different and teaches to appreciate the time differently. It is a sleek looking thing for sure.

link to Le-Creuset review

Le Creuset wine opener is very different from the rest. The look is one, but the speed of opening…

link to Botta Uno watch review

Coming from the inventor and designer of one hand wristwatch concept, Botta offers a new way to track your life. It has a 'sophisticated casual' feel.

link to a Caberg helmet review

If I am to wear a helmet with an Italian flag on it, it better be made in Italy. Or is it just me?

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Here is how these German-made in-ear headphones stack up against the dominant newcomer – Apple Airpods.

link to Suunto watch review

Suunto Ambit 3 was the last model entirely made in Finland. Even now, it is still a great watch to wear if you like a battery that lasts months.

link to Ritter kettle review

I searched for an electric kettle made in Europe for a while until I found Ritter. After owning it for two years, I finally found time to write a review.

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