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Lapierre Bikes

MADE IN: France ESTABLISHED: 1946 PRICE: €450 – €4,800


Lapierre is one of the few French bike manufacturers that are still in business. With its history of over 70 years, it has a lot of expertise and know-how still being applies to their bikes.

As a large bike maker with a wide range of bike types, it sources its parts globally, but designs, tests and hand-assembles their bikes in France, Dijon.

It is impossible for me to cover all bikes types they make on such a short post. But I do like their prices for hybrid and electric bikes for city, off-road and all-terrains - starting from under €2,000. As well as their sports models that integrate high tech parts and technologies.

INTERESTING STORY: I want to point out something about Lapierre that other bike companies rarely talk about - composites. Lapierre has invested a lot in R&D on aluminium composites and carbon technologies. Their proprietary AlloySupreme (comes in different levels) is lighted and more stress-resistant than high-end Allu7005 commonly used by the industry.


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