Atlas 150 Pasta Machine 

Made in Italy. Established in 1930. Price: from €65

Atlas 150 is an iconic pasta maker recognised worldwide. Marcato designed it in the 1950s, and it is still one of their best sellers. 

I used it quite a few times and was impressed how, as a complete amateur in pasta making, I could get going without any glitches. 

It rolls sheets of dough up to 15 cm wide and various thickness levels. 

Although Atlas 150 is called the Ferrari of pasta makers, it is not that expensive, especially considering the joy of making your own delicious and fresh pasta. 

Many variations of this machine design are copied by manufacturers worldwide, but I think it is worth paying €20 more to the inventor of this piece of art and knowing that it is coming from the land of pasta. 

Marcato is one of the few remaining Italian pasta makers. It is going strong and continues to implement new designs and further improvements to its range of manual and electric pasta makers.

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