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thumbnail link to 'romantic gifts from Europe' blog post

It is impossible to create a template for romantic gifts, as it depends on the person you are with, on the adventures you had and things that are important for him or her. But here are some ideas to get you going.

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We all have heard 'made in Italy' at some points in our lives. As someone who spends a lot of time looking for unique makers across Europe, I thought to share my thoughts and findings so far.

thumbnail link to 'budget gifts with an amazing story to tell' blog post

There is no need to spend a fortune to gift an exciting story together with your present.


In this case, we can make your hunt for gift ideas easy - just go for the Italian made. Luckily there are a lot of great things to choose from.

There are many reasons to love wood: it is ecological, gives warmth to your environment and required skilful artisans to make it special gifts.

link thumbnail to a blog post about watches and how to choose them

Let's think about the type of person will be wearing it, and for what...

taj mahal image - link to a blog post

Yep, some people give buildings like Taj Mahal as gifts. But, of course, there are more interesting examples.

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Many things contribute to our obsession with things 'made in Italy'.

Left handed people appreciate things that make their life easier. Here is our the list of things I found.

thumbnail link to 'Swiss watches under $500' blog post

Here is a good variety of sports, diving and classy Swiss watches, that will make any watch fan happy.

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Here is a secret - they are after unique things that are not in the high street or are custom made for them.

thumbnail link to a blog post about knife maker in Spain

It was great to find this hidden gem - an artisan knife workshop in Spain. And, it has no Instagram account?

picture link to history about Laquiole brand

Laguiole is a small sleepy village in hilly French countryside. It is also unique type of knives.

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link to blog 'Gift Ideas For Cyclists'

As a cyclist, I rarely got the gifts I wanted. So here is me, trying to fix this problem for fellow cyclists from around the world. It is quite simple, really.

link to a blob about building custom European bike

To discover more about European bike component makers I decided to build my own, custom made, bike. The rule - it had to be 100% European made.

European MTB bike

Jurgen, a bike mechanic from Belgium, also built his dream MTB bike from European parts.

hero imge for blog about Belgium

Belgium is a fascinating country with loads of things to discover. They brew an exceptional beer (enjoyed after the rides) and have loads of interesting artisans with their fascinating stories and things they make.

To Be Unveiled Soon

I work on number of exciting projects all the time. This one is going to be epic!

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