Author Bikes

Made in Czechia, Liberec. Established in 2002. Price €400 – €2,600


Author bikes is a relatively young bike manufacturer that is still to build its recognition beyond its current key markets: Czechia, Slovenia and Poland.

They have an impressive range of bikes and prices are competitive with the key players in the European cycling world.

I especially like the design of the Author’s Urban bike range. It is very casual European, and the list of parts used confirms that the price was not a priority.

At this moment, I am still waiting for the Author team to clarify what manufacturing and assembly steps are taking place in Europe. Will update this once I hear back.

Author bikes works with Technical University in Liberec, Czechia in testing their new bike models. This partnership, named ‘AG labs’ is considered one of the key factors for Author bike business success so far. Who knew that building quality bikes pays-off?

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