Bortoletti Dip Pen and Writing Sets

MADE IN: Italy, Venice PRICE: €35 – €150

These are exceptional artisan-made dip pens, made in Italy. Bertollini makes all of the components in this pen – metal parts, Murano glass, wooden accessories and even the pen nibs.

Metal parts are handcrafted from bronze or silver, while the colourful part is actually the world-famous Murano glass.

Founded by four Bertolini brothers this business is recruiting a lot of local artisans who work as one team on each pen.


Murano glass pens highlight the ultimate Italian heritage. This distinctly colourful glass has originated in the Venice region, since 1291 and widely appreciated until this day.

Murano artisans mostly produce extravagant chandeliers and drinking glasses, hence seeing it on the pen design is truly original.

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