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Campagnolo Big Corkscrew Review

The best gift for wine lovers

Every wine lover has a wine opener. But very few of them would have this unique beast of a corkscrew, made in Italy.

Especially loved by cyclists

Only cyclists would truly understand. So, if you don't pedal much just trust me on this one (or read the bellow).

corkscrew detail - rivet

There are a lot of corkscrews out there but Campagnolo is very different.

This Big Corkscrew review will explain why it stands out by a mile. And despite all the ‘it is not about size’ claims, it firstly makes an impact because it is huge.

But, there are a few other interesting points to consider before investing 179 EUR.

So here are my observations and findings after using it for over a year. 

It's Named ‘Big Corkscrew’ For A Reason

It is a big corkscrew. There are no two ways about it. If you compare to the usual double-hinged corkscrew, Campagnolo is almost twice the size. Having said that using it is actually somewhat easier.

I need very little effort to pull the cork out - it seems that hands are going down by themselves. It feels quite heavy and solid, hence leaving a luxury impression in my hand.

It weighs almost one kilogram (or two pounds) and you feel it when you use it. But, for or me at least, it is not too heavy and still feels comfortable.

The size of a Campagnolo Big Corkscrew is 30 x 12 cm, and the housing box is 32 x 15 x 8 cm and the corkscrew.

"Each stage of its manufacture takes place in Vicenza, in the hands of those who, for years, have used their experience to make Campagnolo products." Campagnolo

Campagnolo, Made In Italy

Campagnolo company was founded by a professional cyclist Tullio Campagnolo in 1933. He famously was engineering some changes to the groupsets on his racing bikes. The company went on to patent 135 innovations until this day.

Yes, Campagnolo is a bicycle component manufacturer, mostly known, among other parts, for its exceptional groupsets and wheels. The company is still privately held and run by Tullio’s son Valentino.

They have around 750 employees, and all of their components are made in Italy, Vincenza. The same city it was founded more than 85 years ago. 

I truly appreciate the fact that these wine openers are partly hand made in the same iconic engineering workshops.

The Build and Engineering

Campagnolo stresses the fact that The Big Corkscrew is made by the same engineering team that is making its bicycle components. It is also reassuring to know that the materials used in making a wine opener are the same that the company uses to create those high performing bicycle parts. 

One of the more apparent innovations is the telescopic bell. It positions the worm dead in the centre of the cork, preventing any unnecessary cork damage when pulling. It also prevents it from going through the cork at the same time. I admire every part of this solid, Italian made corkscrew.

The finish is exceptional with nice engraving. Maybe it’s just me, but I also admired the rivets look the same as on the bicycle.


Is It Collectable?

Considering that it is handmade and coming from iconic Italian bicycle component manufacturer, it is a unique corkscrew. But how collectable and how quickly it will become it will depend on the popularity, number of units sold and whether Campagnolo will stop making them. What also will appeal to collectors is the fact that it is made from a variety of metals. As long as they continue coming out in limited numbers, it will boost its desirability.

At the moment you can buy one that has a bronzed or satin metal finish. For me, both are equally impressive. Considering that it is becoming prevalent worldwide, I think Campagnolo will introduce a limited edition option at some point. These styles will undoubtedly will be in high demand by the collectors.


A Unique Gift Option For Certain Type Of People 

There are two types of people who would genuinely appreciate this Campagnolo Big Corkscrew as a present:

Wine lowers - every person who loves wine tend to invest more in things that support their hobby. Using an impressive and unique wine opener would be on a list of "must-haves". If they heard about it, of course.

Cyclists - Campagnolo is a bicycle component maker with a name that is recognised by every cyclist. They would love to own a useful dining table accessory that comes with such provenance.

This Big Corkscrew also comes in an imposing box that opens like a gate to reveal the wine opener and a book explaining the history of the company. To see this box as well as other options watch my video on unboxing different wine openers.

To support more reviews in the future you can buy one of these amazing corkscrews using this link.

Same Opener, Different Finish

wine opener in a gift box

Italy also makes a number of interesting things, waiting to be discovered and enjoyed.


Wine openers can be unique and exciting. Discover new ways to open your next bottle of wine.


It is not just about the German innovation or engineering, but measuring time in a different way.


We spent years searching the web, artisan shops and visiting variety of makers in Europe. You welcome.

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