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Cow Horn Caviar Cutlery

Made in England DATE: 1749 PRICE: from €14

Spoons and serving knives for caviar should be special. According to the experts, the usual cutlery metal reacts to the caviar and affects its flavour. Hence we should use the spoons made from non-reactive materials like wood, mother of pearl, gold or horn.
Hence these beautiful serving knives and eating spoons from Abbeyhorn, from England. It makes various horn tools for over 250 years now. The craftsmen still use traditional techniques and pass them on to the new apprentices, as there are no official trade schools that can teach such skills.

They send their products in nice packaging together with a lovely story about the company and its history.
In addition to being suitable for caviar, the horn is an eco-friendly material. It is nature’s plastic that can be moulded and shaped, but we can throw it into the compost pile when we don’t need it.


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