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MADE IN: Germany ESTABLISHED: 1993 PRICE: €479 – €2,500


GHOST company started in a garage by two friends Uwe Kalliwoda and Klaus Möhwald, in The Upper Palatinate, Germany. Now, as a globally recognised brand, it produces 150,000 bikes per year.

It is a specialist full suspension MTB bike manufacturer with very characteristic looking bikes. They have a lot of focus on engineering an ideal suspension. I also really like the characteristic look of these bikes.

E-bike series follow the same appearance and are really fun to ride off-road. It was something new for me, and I do recommend it to anyone

From my research, I can see that GHOST is making their own frames and suspension, as well as other small parts like seat posts. (I have reached out to them to give me more info, will update it once I hear back.)

INTERESTING STORY: GHOST bikes sponsors many bike riders. Their peak moment of fame was in 2008, when Sabine Spitz won the 2008 Olympic Games in Cross Country.


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