MADE IN: Sweden, Gothenburg ESTABLISHED IN: 1941 PRICE: cameras €6,000 – €30,000; lenses €3,500 – €8,000

Hasselblad hand assembled cameras are well known among professional photographers. The main features that set’s it appart is the quality of the built, materials used, ergonomic design and, most importantly, exceptional image capture. There are many cameras to choose from and the production team is keeping up with the latest need – company just announced new compact mirrorless camera, the X1D.

The first landing of the moon was captured by Hasselblad camera.

Hasselblad also provides its own image editing software free of charge. [expand title=”expand..” swaptitle=”..less” tag=”div” trigpos=”below”] It is designed to achieve better quality pictures (in RAW) and increase the speed of processing.