Imperia Pasta Maker

Made in Italy, Turin. Established in 1932. Price: €55

The Imperia pasta maker is a heavy-duty machine that comes with a 5-year guarantee. Partly, it is thanks to the fact that it is made in Italy, where they have been making them for almost a century, and partly because it is a relatively simple design. 

It has two functions – the roller flattens your pasta to the 15 cm wide sheets, with adjustable thickness. Then you roll it through the machine once again, but this time with the cutter attached. This will produce your desired pasta. 

Altogether, it takes 10 minutes, but the difference in flavour and texture is a mile apart from the one purchased in store. 

The Imperia machines also have an electric head, which you can purchase separately. But, to be honest, cranking that handle is part of the fun, and it does not require much strength. 

No water and dishwasher needed to clean it – simply wipe it with a cloth or a brush after the pasta has dried a little.

I made a video showing how to use such Italian pasta making machine.

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