Marcato Regina Pasta Extruder

Made in Italy. Established in 1930. Price: from €80

Regina, a manual pasta extruder can make five types of pasta: Bucatini, Fusilli, Maccheroni and Rigatoni. 

As with all Marcato manual pasta machines, Regina takes very little time to set up and is easy to clean. You won’t need much water – once the pasta has dried up, just clean it off with a dry brush. 

Otello Marcato founded Marcato to distinguish Italian pasta makers by being well-made and straightforward to use. 

It tapped to the experience of using various models popular in Italy in those days and improving according to his values. 

Authentic positioning of “Made in Italy” is a big part of Marcado business. All of its manual and electric pasta makers are produced in Italy, with a sustainable environment and health-conscious manufacturing processes in mind. 

Today Marcato makes 2,500 pasta machines a day and sells 70 per cent of them abroad.

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