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Iconic Opinel Knife

Made in France Founded in: 1890 Price: from €25

Opinel is an iconic French brand known for its unique pocket knives. Every child in France has come across it at some point in their lives. But it is a great, non-threatening knife to have in every household.

The unique Opinel shape was invented by Joseph Opinel, who was working in a family-owned edged-tools shop. At the age of 18, he decided to create a unique product of his own, and that’s how Opinel was born in 1890.

I like the innovation that is coming from the Opinel these days too. Their latest service is to personalise your next Opinel knife. You can laser engrave the blade or the wooden handle by simply going to their website.

It is a great option to personalise your knife. But I think this is an ideal gift idea for anyone who likes the outdoors. These folded knives are very useful when hiking, fishing, foraging or just camping.

There is no doubt that every boy would love to have a pocket knife with his name on it.


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