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RB Bikes

MADE IN: Czechia, Strakonice ESTABLISHED: 1991 PRICE: €385 – €3,250


Roman Bartosz started RB bikes in 1991. These were the times of enormous political and economic changes in eastern and central Europe. Hence Roman turned his declining job into an opportunity to start a business based on his cycling and engineering passions.

Twenty-five years later, RB is one of the best bike frame welders in this part of Europe. Many other parts carved out and melted using CDC machines. By keeping the production in-house, the company is ensuring the quality it wants to achieve.

It is not a very well known bike manufacturer in Europe yet, but there is a constant stream of buyers in Czechia and surrounding countries. If in the country, visit one of their shops in Prague or Opava. They offer 2 hour test rides for free or full weekend rent at under €50.

RB bikes is one of the few companies keeping key manufacturing steps in-house. As a boutique bike builder, it is a hidden gem in Europe - offering engineering know-how and hand welding - at a great value.


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