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'SLOW Mo' One-Hand Watch Review

SLOW is an exceptional one-hand watch brand that has brought a fresh design and look to the watch industry despite its relatively short time on the market.

I am reviewing a 34 mm 'Mo' range, which is the smallest out of all available, and hence more popular amongst women, like me - with slender wrists.

Let me be honest; I am not a watch expert, but more of a casual user who starting to like changing my watch based on the environment, mood or what I am wearing.

So here are my thoughts on this unusual watch.

The Design

SLOW Mo has a unique octagonal shape that stands out in a very subtle way - you just catch a glimpse of reflections from those edges, once in a while.

It took their two star designers almost a year to create this unique asymmetrical shape that looks the same from every angle. This shape now brings the brand recognition or the company, just like Royal Oak range did for the Audemars Piquet.

The watch case is made out of quality 316L stainless steel, and definitely gives it a nice luxury feel. I like the smooth edges, and unified flow that is not obstructed by any gaps or unnecessary parts.

The face comes in a variety of colours, and note that differently from the usual watch with 12 hour markings, here I have 24 hours.

Briefly about the SLOW company

Corvin Lask and Christopher Noerskau founded SLOW in 2003, after two years of new concept development together with the established but innovative watch designers - Gabriele Guidi and May Margot.

They wanted to create a genuinely different watch style, and the one-hand watch concept was perfect for that. The idea behind designing such a watch is that it is not just to show the time but also to help appreciate life differently.

By appreciating the pace of time passing by, we slow down to enjoy life a little more. Hence the name 'SLOW'.

All SLOW watches are made in Switzerland, and it is good to see that they continue innovating - design variations has grown to 15 types and include octagonal and round shapes.

The Strap

SLOW offers leather, nylon, canvas and stainless steel strap options, and on this occasion, I decided to try out the metal option.

From the looks perspective, I like how seamless the watch appears with the same colour and material strap as the watch itself. It also looks even more sophisticated than I expected, and hence I found myself reaching for it when getting ready for more formal evenings out.

Although initially it was a bit of a hassle to get a professional to adjust it by removing some links, I found this strap very comfortable and breathable. Those links within links create enough gaps to prevent my wrist from sweating.

I especially like the butterfly clasp, which adds to the bracelet's seamless look and appears more elegant than the usual options on leather straps.

single hand watch - face in the dark background

How To Read The Time

One hand watches might appear challenging to read initially, but I got used to it in less than a day, and now I find it surprising that we do not have wall clocks with the same concept.

Bear in mind the key reasoning behind one hand watch concept - the idea is to measure the flow of time rather than a specific moment in the day. It was the primary way to show time in the older days when the pace of life was much slower, and we can actually learn from that.

So, the watch's face is divided into 24 hours, instead of the usual 12 on most analogue watches. Then the indices divide each hour into 15-minute sections. This tells you time in quarters, which is accurate enough when you get used to it. Just think about it, did you ever agreed to meet at 13:38?

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Made in Switzerland

SLOW watches are made in Switzerland by one of the white label watchmakers who follow their unique design and movement requirements. Considering that it is a relatively young company with a growing market, it is a usual watch-making approach. One does not need to have a factory to make unique watches.

I like that these watches are made by Swiss experts and come in outstanding quality that is obvious once you wear one.

Another way to know about the quality of engineering is water resistance levels. All SLOW watches come with 100-meter water resistance, which is huge for someone who is barely likely to take it to shower. But, after a few glasses of the rose by the lakeside, who knows - I like to keep my options open.


My watch came in a nice packaging that I think is worth a note. You can see that the SLOW team has thought about it and did go the extra mile to create an excellent presentation and exciting first impressions.

It can be especially important should you think to give this watch as a present for someone.

It is funny, but I cannot prevent myself from comparing the square SLOW watch box to the Atlantian cube from the Netflix series 'The Tribes of Europe'. What a coincidence!

On a serious note, though, I appreciate that the packaging supplement the experience of getting something unique, innovative and contemporary.



Overall I found this watch a bit of an eye-opener. It was my first one-hand watch, and despite initial hesitation about reading the time, I love it.

There is a lot to be excited about, especially about measuring the time differently. I am spending more time on self-awareness and 'appreciating the moment' at the moment, and this watch is helping me be more conscious about the flow of the day.

At the same time, I find it a little heavy and upscale for casual daily wear. I reach for it more when I am dressing up for an evening out or a formal encounter that requires a more chick look.

Also, I learned that it is a great conversation starter. Many times, people asked me to talk more about the watch due to its unique look.

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lifestyle one hand watch
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