Traditional Pasta Extruder 

Made in Italy. Price: €165

Once in a while, I come across an exciting product, but with very little information about the maker. This pasta extruder is one of those cases. 

Consiglio’s is a US-based retailer of Italian pasta makers and gifts. They have found a manufacturer of this very traditional looking pasta extruder used over a century ago in Italy. Industrial kitchens and some large Italian restaurants used a larger version of it, but this is the first time I see one to fit your kitchen at home.  

The main benefit of this pasta extruder is that it does not take much space in your cupboard. And thanks to the claps, you can attach it to any suitable surface in your kitchen. 

This machine comes with five brass dies, which make spaghetti, squared spaghetti, maccheroni, casarecce, and bucatini. 

Professional chefs and pasta enthusiasts would appreciate this unique design and its provenance to rustic Italy. 

Thanks to its solid design with very few moving parts, this pasta extruder will last quite a few generations.

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