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Ghillie Outdoor Kettle

Made in Great Britain, price from €110

This kettle has many names – volcano or chimney kettle, Benghazi kettle (by New Zealand army servicemen during WWII) or more contemporary ‘camping kettle’.

It is a genius design as one can boil a tea by lighting up the fire bellow such kettle and the keep dropping wood branches through the chimney at the top. It creates a nice draft upwards, which in turn, heats up the water really fast.

Ghillie kettle team makes them by hand, by hand spinning flat sheets of metal that turn into such shape. There are loads of videos showing the process here.

It also has a nice whistle which blows when the water reaches boiling point.

Buy one in the UK / EU / US

This post is part of auto-generated Kettle Guide – which list more kettle options from Europe.


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