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The Best Kettles

From European Makers

Ritter Fontana 5

Price: from €160, made in Germany

Contemporary or timeless? I guess it is for you to decide. But this design has been awarded the Red Dot product design - I highly sought after award, which recognises products with innovative design.

Good for shiny kitchens, it comes in three glossy colours, made from heat resistant acrylic. And as one can expect from something made in Germany, it feels sturdy and long-lasting.

Ritter is an eco-friendly kettle as it uses less power due to the temperature selection feature which allows heating the water to up to 60, 70, 95 or 100 C. According to the tea experts, we should not brew green tea at higher than 70 C degrees, and I like it when I can drink my tea without waiting for it to cool down.

Read my full Ritter kettle review or buy from Amazon EU

Alessi Kettle by Michael Graves

Price: from €90, made in Italy

It is one of the whistling kettles that come in a stove or electric versions. It has unique look and made from stainless steel. Made from 1985, it is still one of the bestsellers on the Alessi website.

Alessi is a luxury Italian kitchen brand, which struck several partnerships with famous designers and architects like Michael, recognised for his contemporary architecture like Portland Building and Denver Public Library.

I love that you can change the handle to the colour matching other appliances in your kitchen. Whistles come in different shapes too - the dragon is my favourite.

Buy it on Amazon US / UK / EU

Staub Iron Cast Kettle

Price: €210 - €240, made in France

Before we go into detail, let's stop and admire the perfection of its shape. Love it or hate it, this kettle is a must have in any design kitchen.

The inspiration for this Staub iron cast kettle is coming from a Japanese teapot. Yes, it is a kettle which can be used as a tea pot too - there is even a tea ball inside, for the loose tea leaves.

Enamel covered cast iron is a long-term investment. It is very sturdy and despite being made out of metal it is corrosion-resistant - thanks to that colourful enamel.

Some people also use it to make a sauce, which stays hot for during dinner parties, but most importantly also serves as an impressive saucer.

Buy on: Amazon US / EU / UK

Richmond Handmade 'Heritage' Range

Price: from €295, made in England

Richmond makes these quintessentially English kettles in Birmingham, England where skilled craftsmen hand-form their shapes by spinning flat sheets of metal - a manufacturing process invented in Edwardian times.

Interestingly, the very first ones were made out of silver for the Royal family. Hence to celebrate the Queen's Jubilee, Richmond Kettle Company released a limited silver-plated range - now popular with the collectors.

The majority of people, though, buy solid copper or chrome-plated kettles, which look just as impressive. And I think it will add a touch of sophistication and history to any kitchen, especially considering that they come electric, gas or induction friendly.


Traditional Ionised Kettle

Price: €155, made in Britain

Netherton Foundry is known as a small family run business that makes iron kitchenware. Located in Shropshire, a centre of ironworks in 18th and 19th century England, they get their inspiration from those artisan traditions.

These aluminium kettles are designed to fit in a traditionally styled kitchen but also ideal for the outdoors. It will withstand open fire due to the hard ion finish that makes them stand out from our the usual electric kettles in our kitchens.

The snout is cut out in this particular shape to smooth the water flow when pouring, and its base is 6 millimetres thick to help distribute the heat, speed up boiling times and retain the heat.

Dark handle, for example, is made by soaking oak in tea (a proper English approach) and iron and vinegar solution - a traditional and natural method.


Ottoni Lignum Kettle

Price: €145, made in Italy

Giovanni Ottoni founded "Ottoni Fabbrica" in 1963 as a stainless steel pan factory near lake Lake Maggiore, Italy, and it is still based here today.

You probably have not heard the name, but you very likely would have seen their kettles at some point. As they, at some point, made upscale kettle ranges for major kitchenware brands, including DeLonghi, Alessi, Siemens and others.

Ottoni Lignum range comes in various matt colours, as well as in stainless steel finish, and the design ensures that water never touches any plastic.

It has a unique design, with touches like a mahogany handle, an anti-limescale filter and all the functionalities you would expect from a modern electric kettle.

And, of course, it is made in Italy, with materials coming from Europe.

Buy on Amazon EU / Ottoni

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