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Budget Gifts That Come With An Amazing Story To Tell

Even the most ordinary item can become very dear to the receiver if you wrap it in an exceptional story for him/her to remember. If it is a great story, it is likely that he or she will be proud of sharing it with others too.

Budget is irrelevant, the consideration is everything. I especially like the gifts where it contributes to the good of the society or the forgotten. You will find at least one of those bellow.


'Happiness doesn’t result from what we get, but from what

we give.'

For a moment let's stop focusing on what your budget is, but more about what is special about this item and how does it make you feel.

It is fascinating how many passionate people out there doing something small or big, but something that they believe in. Those are my favourite stories and I hope it will be yours soon too.

Eco-Friendly Sunglasses Cork Case

Eco-friendly gifts makes us feel good, whether you giving or receiving it. There are loads of things we can do with more consideration about the environment and gifts are not exception.

Although a lot of people tend to associate ecologically friendly things to a more expensive category, it is not always the case. These cork sunglasses cases come from renewable cork and cost only $16.

Cork, you see, is essentially a tree bark which regrows every 9 years, without ever harming the tree. It is a huge industry with wine already, mainly made in Portugal. Needless to say, this material is many times better than plastic or leather.

You can buy one from 'Wear Joplins' shop on Etsy.

House Number - Spanish Traditional Ceramic Tiles

Traditional Spanish ceramic tiles are recognised and appreciated worldwide. They are extremely tough and appreciated for the decorative purposes, especially when one need to add a touch of colour.

Spanish started making these ceramic tiles thousands of years ago. Then with Arab invasions to Europe, with Europeans conquering colonies it spread around the world. For example you see very similar tiles in Mexico these days.

If one has to point a starting point, it is claimed that Spanish cities of Sevilla and Cádiz in Andalucía started exporting them worldwide first. But, of course, they are still made in Spain and you can focus on the tiles showing house numbers. They are also hand painted and will last generations.

Probably the most convenient way to buy would be on Amazon. From $12.95.

Italian Ceramic Cap For Olive Bottle

As authentic as it goes. These Italian ceramic caps for olive oil bottles are made in a small Italian city of Siena, by third generation of ceramic artisans. Each cap is hand made and hand painted using traditional techniques.

Bianco e Nero di Staccioli is a well known artisan shop and has a lot of great ceramic kitchenware. But, if you are looking for a budget gift, you can get the same story for $20.

I like that this gift is very useful, frequently used and turns boring olive oil bottle to something with a personality and history. Be sure to hear ' where did you get that'?

To buy duty free with fast delivery in the US, use 'Bianco e Nero di Staccioli' shop on Amazon.

A Truly Unique Wine-Bottle-Stand From Italy

San Patrignano is a unique rehabilitation centre in Italy. There are long waiting lists due to its success in bringing people with dependancies back to the society, by giving them a trade. No mobile phones or visits home allowed.

The program lasts 3.5 years and each participant has to choose whether to work making food, at the farm growing grapes, wine production, or artisan skills making leather, textile or wood products. By buying it you support the cause.

Making things is part of their circular economy and a way of building a support network by working in a tight team. There are many great things made, and there is a good option on a tight budget - an Italian wine bottle stand.

Future addiction free artisans make them from used wine barrels with which are also hot stamped - giving each stand a unique look.

Price: 15 Euros directly at San Patrignano shop.

Hand Made Hair Brush, Made In England

Kent Brushes is a company that makes rather nice hair brushes - by hand. And yes, you guessed it right - it is located in 'garden of England', also known as Kent.

It is really unusual for such daily item at such reasonable price of under $10 to be made in England. Most of brushes these days definitely don't come from Europe. That what makes is so special. Especially if the gift if for an Englishman or someone with a fascination about the Great Britain.

This brush is still made from cellulose acetate, which for us feels like solid plastic widely used worldwide. But instead of moulding it Kent Brushes team hand saws it from pre-made sheets. That way it does not leave any sharper edges, which then can get caught by the hair.

Visit Kent Brush shop, to get your hands on one of these.

An Italian Made Ceramic Cup With A Custom Message

Italian ceramic artisans are at your service. It is the first Italian artisan family, that I come across, which is willing to customise the coat of arms and the message on the cup. Essentially you expressing your wish, they make it happen in bright traditional colours used in Italian ceramics.

So let me tell you a bit about 'Biancoe Nero Staccioli'. They are based in The Palio of Siena which consists of 12 districts. Each district used to compete and have their own coat of arms that you see on the cups. Only this family has the permission to reproduce them.

Probably this would be a perfect gift for an Italian, who would appreciate the link to history and craftsmanship. But others will love it for the personalisation too.

Buy it on their Etsy shop, for $35.

Swedish Fire Steel

Fire starter is a practical and interesting gift for all outdoor lovers.

What sets these fire starters apart from the matches or lighter is that they are wind and rainproof. It produces sparks in wet and windy conditions, and the temperatures of 3000 degrees easily start the fire going.

The fact that the military developed it and that it comes from a country famous for its outdoor culture - Sweden, will be a great gift for any outdoor fan. It even comes with a built-in emergency whistle, as a bonus.

Considering that it comes in the package branded 'Light My Fire', it must surely be a good line for the greeting card (wink wink).

Buy it on lightmyfire.com shop for $17.

Murano Glass Bottle Stopper From Italy

Murano glass is one of the most celebrated types of glass out there. It is made for over 1500 years on the Venetian island of Murano and is famous for its colourful patterns.

Glassmaking is huge in Murano. If you walk through the island, you will see small workshops with artisans blowing the glass into a variety of the most impressive and colourful pieces you cannot imagine.

Unlike expensive glass art pieces or stunning chandeliers, wine openers offer a budget option to add a touch of Italian made glass art to your or your loved one's home.

Luca M. Donna, the artisan behind these pieces, sells them on her Lamp Work Studio shop on Etsy for just over $20.

Big Budget Is Not Needed To Find An Interesting Present From Europe


It is not always easy to be romantic. But, with some thought, on what your loved-one cares and appreciates, you can get there.

These gift ideas tell a story about the makers and their values - can you match it with her?

It is my hope that the touch Europe can also make these gift ideas more interesting and special. There is a lot of romantic excitement about European countries - and for the right reasons. So, use it to your advantage.

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