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Gift Ideas For The Left Handed

Being left handed is not a problem and should never be seen as disadvantage. But it is nice to have things that are specially designed for you - especially if they come from people we love.

Hence, finding something useful and unique that fits left-handed preference can be a very exciting gift.

The struggle is real!

Here is a tweet that instigated me to make this list of gift ideas:

twitter text about a gift for left handed man

If you talk to a leftie about what frustrates them about using everyday things around us, you will hear a long list of things. It is a fascinating view of the world. The world that is not functioning that well and can be frustrating.

Here is a list of the most mentioned frustrations I heard about:

  • keyboard calculator on the right-hand side
  • fountain pen and even ball pens not working when used by a leftie
  • spiral notebook hurting the hand when writing
  • scissors - this one is a biggie. It is due to the way blades are cut - instead of cutting the scissors mangle the paper due to the angle, it is held when using the left hand.
  • the car cup holder is on the right.
  • using kitchen knives put additional strain. Try to cut something with a left hand, and you will see what I mean.
  • even using a ruler or measuring tape is not as easy as one might think - numbers are on the wrong side when handling it by a left hand.

Ergonomic Scissors

If you know a leftie who does a lot of crafts or is interested in sewing, then this could be an ideal gift for them.

As you can see from the tweet I shared above, most left handed people do not know that there are specialised scissors that allow them to just have a "normal" cutting experience - without straining their wrists.``

Good, quality scissors can also significantly aid creativity. Especially when precise cut lines are needed - just like in sewing or paper crafts.

There are a few makers, but I find that Paul has the best choice out of all quality German brands that I checked.

Made in Germany, from €23.

Pulltap's Corkscrew For Lefties

It is quite interesting, but it does make a difference whether you are a leftie when using a wine opener. To drive the worm in, one has to turn clockwise, which is not as comfortable when you are left-handed. The solution is a worm that screws into a cork anti clockwise.

To choose such option go to personalisation section on Pulltap's website and where you need to select a worm, go for 'the left-handed' option.

While you at it you can personalise these wine openers further. Choose the theme that would please a receiver. For example, in the picture, I have a sailor theme - a gift I gave to my brother to keep in his yacht. My review here.

A good bonus is a fact that it also comes in nice wooden boxes and can be engraved. Made in Barcelona, Spain, from €19.

Lamy With Left-Handed Nib

One of the problems for left-handed people with fountains pens is that the nib is not working properly. It needs to be at a certain angle that is harder to achieve when writing with the left hand. Hence it is not just about the shape or cushioning of the pen. For fountain pens, the nib itself is more important.

For that reason, Lamy has a specifically designed left-handed nib, which you can buy separately. I wish most of the pen retailers had an option to specify which nib you want, but unfortunately, that is not the case. For that reason, for US-based readers, I recommend using good old amazon.com that lists a number of Lamy retailers offering pens with left-handed nibs.

Lamy is a family run company offering great value and quality for the money.

Made in Germany, from $25.

Westmark Swivel Peeler Gallant For Left-Handers

Using ordinary potato peelers is surprisingly difficult for left-handers. It is just not designed to cut when using a left hand, and using the right hand is not comfortable for us.

Westmark has designed a dedicated left-hander swivel peeler. It has an easy to grip handle, but most importantly, it swivels in the right angle when using the left hand. Amazingly simple but so comfortable to use.

Westmark is a German-based company specialising in kitchen utensils. Hence it is not surprising that they specifically created this tool for lefties.

For me, it is also great to know that by making these products by moulding metal and plastics the company is sticking to strict environmental laws. Hence I know that it was made responsibly to the environment and employees.

Made in Germany, from $11. Buy on amazon.com.

Wedo Ruler For Right And Left Handed

Yes, even the ruler is running its number from the wrong side, for us, left-handers. This aluminium ruler is perfect to see the difference. It is designed for both, left and right-handed users, and you can see the difference.

I really like this ruler for several reasons:

Firstly, it is really sturdy and will last a very long time. Aluminium is so much stronger than the plastic used in the majority of other rulers.

Secondly, Wedo designed it very well. It has a grip for easy movement on the top. It raises in the middle along the ridge, and it even has rubber inserts to give it stability.

And lastly, it is great to see that this product considers both types of users. It is not exclusive but inclusive. Hence the whole family can use the same ruler.

Made in Germany, from $21.

Wooden Left Handed Beard Brush

If you know a 'manly and beardy' 'leftie' this could be a good one for him.

Handmade in the UK by one of the oldest companies in Kent, who also happened to be the experts in brushes.

This wooden beard brush is specially cut to ease up the pressure on your elbow due to that awkward angle when one needs to brush his beard.

But the key to left-handed aid is the shaped natural boar bristles to improve brushing performance.

I also like the box that is quite useful to have when giving it as a gift and the handy branded bag ads a touch of heritage and protects his things from the oily brush (which naturally happens with frequent use).

Made in England, around €26. Learn more on kentbrushes.com

Wrist Watch With The Crown On The Left

It is not obvious, but left-handed people wear their wristwatch on the right hand. And that poses a problem when one needs to adjust or wing up their watch. Unless you have a third hand, it is simply not possible without taking the watch off your wrist.

Some watchmakers do offer a solution - by placing a crown and key buttons on the left side of the watch. This way, you now can make your adjustments with the left hand.

I personally like Sinn EZM 13 diving watch. It is actually made this way to ease up a pressure on your hand when diving, but such design works for lefties too.

Made in Germany, from €2,430.

Guitar - Left Handed Model

It is quite amusing to watch when left-handed musicians play the 'normal' guitar - they flip it upside down. I could not find any royalty-free picture to share, but if you google it and you will see what I mean.

Lefties can learn to play the 'ordinary' guitar, especially if they start learning it from scratch. But it is not for everyone. Some left-handed people really struggle using the usual guitar set up. Hence musical instrument makers do make left-handed models. The choice of styles is not as wide, but the options are there.

If I have to recommend, check GEWA classical guitars. They use European makers for some of their models, including this one.

Made in Europe, €266.

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