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Le Creuset Lever Wine Opener Review

Exciting And Colourful Design

This is just the perfect addition to a contemporary and sleek kitchen with shiny surfaces.

Lever Mechanics Makes Wine Opening Really Easy

Lever can be intimidating, but once you master it (in two minutes), wine opening is a much more pleasant affair.

This is a wine opener that does not function or look like the traditional one you know

The sleek lines and polished red makes it a perfect decoration piece in my kitchen. As it would be for any contemporary looking kitchen.

Don't be surprised if people ask you what it is and how to use it. These stylish lever wine openers are still gaining popularity. But once they get that wow moment, there is simply no way of going back.

Sleek And Stylish Design

This wine bottle opener can easily be a feature in any kitchen. It is not something you have to hide in the drawer. I am, for example, proudly displaying it on one of my kitchen shelves.

The design stands out due to its polished look that is just so different from other wine openers. It looks great on the dinner table too.

I just prefer that Le Creuset had some customisation options. I do like this red a lot, but I do imagine that some people might wish to have something matching or complimenting the colour pallet in their kitchen.

How To Use It

Many people don't know how to use a lever wine opener. But actually it is very easy. You just have to place it on the bottle neck, hold it with one hand and simply pull the lever down (to drive the worm in) and then simply pull it up. And that's it. It will pull the cork out in literally one to two seconds. No twisting or brute force pulling is required.

To see it visually and to compare with other wine openers watch my video on how to use all types of wine openers.

You can easily challenge someone to race opening a wine bottle, as long as they use a different type of corkscrew, you will win.

The Build

This lever corkscrew feels quite heavy when you take it into your hand for the first time. This is due to metal parts inside it, which do all the heavy lifting when pulling those corks.

On the outside though it is all high quality plastic. Black parts are high dense plastic that feels quite pleasant to touch. And the red part is very shiny, and has almost like laquere look to it. Despite being so polished it does not feel slippery and I had a good grip when using it.

Inside, where the bottle neck goes, there is a layer of hard rubber on both sides to lock that wine bottle without slipping.

In summary, it has a very solid and high quality feel about it. I can see that not every Le Creuset shop stocks it, but you can buy it from amazon here for $89 in the US.

More About Le Creuset Company

Le Creuset is a well known company worldwide mostly famous for its iron cast pots covered with brightly coloured porcelain enamel. It was founded in 1925, in France by two Belgian industrialists.

It has always been known for its innovation hence fast forward to today, Le Creuset has country specific ranges of products that cover much wider array of kitchen equipment and tools.

Due to variety of products and global presence some of their products no longer made in France. I find that this lever wine opener is representing the company quite well - it has a contemporary design and bright colour that stands out from the rest.

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