Baby Swing – Box and Forest

Handmade and European-quality certified baby swing to bring joy and laughter to the little one.

Made from quality cotton with a unique and playful pattern of trees and forest. And it is one of the most popular designs in the Mada in Libon shop.

For indoor use, the box will contain a ceiling ring with steel bushing. You will need some tools to install it, but what’s provided should be suitable for most ceiling types.

For outdoor use, you will need a little more creativity as it will depend on your situation. We suggest attaching it to a low hanging tree branch, pull-up benches or a solid bar across two trees using the rope provided. Since the swing nicely folds flat, it is easy to take with you to the park for a picnic or a weekend camping escape.

The delivery box will contain:

  • 2 cotton and polyamide ropes with 5m each;
  • 30 X 30 polypropylene pillow with polyester filling (non-flammable, anti-allergy, anti-mould, anti-mite)
  • handcrafted pinewood, treated and polished;
  • carabiner,
  • ceiling ring and steel bushing.



  • Authenticity
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It is 100% made in Portugal product, inspected and verified by us.

Delivery Information

Shipping is fulfilled by Mada in Lisbon.

Your order will be fulfilled within 7 days. If your purchase is urgent, please do not hesitate to get in touch via message box bellow.

Standard shipping is to Europe only, at this stage.

  • Cleaning – can wash in low temperatures, with wood planks removed.
  • Should cords be damaged or wear-off, please get in touch for replacement.
  • Please do not leave your child unattended.

Have questions or suggestions? Please get in touch bellow:

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More About Mada in Lisbon

Mada In Lisbon® is more than just a company name, it is a story about a young mom who wanted to provide the best and safest toys for her kids.

Inês Gil Forte, the founder of Mada in Lisbon, initially designed her first baby swing as a toy for her daughter Madalena. When other people saw it, they asked her to make a similar one for their kids too. And it started from here.

When a safety-conscious mother with a passion for quality fabrics designs the swings for kids, you get a truly unique toy that stands miles apart from the rest.

“Quality” and “made in Portugal” are not just buzz words. Inês regularly travels to north of Italy to select the materials and review new designs with textile makers known for their quality standards. And she is in touch with a wood crafter from a small Portuguese village who cuts, drills and polishes pinewood parts.

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