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Cork Yoga Mat Bag

A yoga mat bag with a difference. Handmade in Portugal by the local artisans using the most famous, eco-friendly local material - cork.

Cork comes from the impressive 10 to 15 meter Cork Oaks, which shed their bark every 5 -7 years and are fully renewable without any harm to the tree or the environment. It is the same cork that you would find in the wine bottles, but extracted slightly differently to provide strong flat material which is surprisingly soft to touch.

In terms of strength, it can easily compare to traditional leather but without the guilt or concerns about animal welfare. In fact, it is softer than most animal leathers thanks to its natural internal honeycomb structure, which is filled with air.

This cork yoga mat bag is designed to be spacious enough for the yoga mat and other accessories like blocks, towels and water bottles. It also included two external pockets for valuables or keys.

More interestingly, in addition to proving scenic views and giving shadow to the locals on a hot day, it is also a very important habitat for endangered Iberian lynx. Hence essentially by using cork leather products you not only save domestic animals but also help to preserve the natural habitat for the wild ones too.


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As with all our products, we work only with European makers that we check and vouch for. Hence, every product you buy with us is 100% European made.

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Care Recommendations

Cork has natural antibacterial properties. Mostly thanks to its exceptionally fast drying times, which prevents build up of moisture need for bacteria to thrive and survive.

The best cleaning method is occasionally to wipe it down with a soapy water.

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More About Cork Oak

Cork Oak (or Quercus suber) is an impressive tree dominating Iberian peninsula (especially in the Portuguese part); in addition to Sardinia and a few places in Italy. You can see it as an impressive tree in the countryside or the entire forests where they thrive with little need for water or extensive care.

As you might know, forest fires can be devastating to the forests and local communities in the southern part of Europe. But, Cork Oak is one of those tree varieties that withstand forest fires – all thanks to its cork – which simply does not burn.

This thick cork not only protects the tree, but also acts as a wall or a barrier to further spread of fire through the forest.

Is it just me, or we need more cork trees out there?

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