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Cute Oven Mitts


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Cute Oven Mitts to hand in your kitchen.

It offers a combination of adding a touch of cuteness, rustic character and natural touch.

Made from natural and eco-friendly linen, it comes in various playful design themes: flowers, owls, dogs, cats, coffee,  fish and cute sheep.

You can also choose the size from large - designed to protect more of your hand when you putting things into the oven, to small - which can also be a good gift idea for kids.

These hand-made oven mittens are made in Europe and sewn by hand, to ensure quality standards and best design.

To display and appreciate your cute mitten and its playful designs you can use the specially attached loop to hang it on the hook.

Linen fibres have great insulation properties, which is enforced with additional internal padding.

The cuteness of design comes from playful animated elements, but also from natural and undyed linen fibres.

This could be a great gift idea for your eco-conscious friends, who love dogs, cats, sheep or fish and would appreciate such design elements around the house.

  • Authenticity
  • Delivery Information
  • Care Recommendations

It is 100% made in Lithuania (European leader in natural linen) product, inspected and verified by us.

Delivery Information

. All linen products are shipped worldwide

. Please note that import fees, payable by you, might apply when purchasing outside EEA.

Care Recommendations

. Can be washed in cold or low temperatures.

. Can also be tumble dried on low temperature setting.

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How Linen Is Made

Linen is made from the fibres of a flax plant (scientific name Linum usitatissimum), which is considered one of the oldest cultivated plants. In fact, it was the main way to make artificial textiles before the popularity of cotton spread around the world.

Flax plants are easy to grow as they do not require much water. They grow in three months and bloom in blue or, sometimes, red flowers. Once it's fully matured, the whole plant is cultivated.

Linen fabric is made from its fibres in the stem, which is then spun and woven into linen fabric. Initially, it has a grey colour, which is often affiliated with natural linen textiles. But then it is often it is naturally died (most of the time) to soft palate colours.

People also eat flax seeds as they are rich in omega-3 or use their oil in the paints industry.

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